A couple of trips coming up

The longer that Sean Fisher waits around the more and more popular he has become. The linebacker/athlete recruit from Omaha (Nebr.) Millard North first was holding out for an Iowa offer, which he later got. Recently, a Big 12 South team has entered the fray and his patience has seemed to pay off again.

The patience that Sean Fisher is showing through the recruiting process is paying off. Last week he got a phone call from Oklahoma to inform him of their intentions of offering.

"Coach Venables called me early last week and said that it was official," Fisher said. "He said that they would send the papers out."

"I haven't gotten the paperwork yet, but I haven't checked my mail recently. I really don't know if I have them yet or not."

With Memorial Day weekend, Fisher was unable to make any trips this weekend, but school is out after Thursday giving him even more time.

"Next weekend I am going to go to Oklahoma. After that I am going to go to Arkansas on the way home."

The success that Fisher has been surprising to him a little bit. The Oklahoma offer made one of the favorites on his list a possibility.

"I was real excited. That is one of my top interests. For that one to finally come through made me pretty happy."

The Oklahoma offer is just one of a few things that Fisher has had to be happy about. "I am definitely happy about everything to this point. It's been kind of a surprise though."

"When this all started off getting the offer from Nebraska was a big surprise and everything that has happened since then has been a bonus."

This weekend will be a first for Fisher to see both of the campuses at Oklahoma and Arkansas. He has been in the area before, but never on campus.

"I've been to Oklahoma City for a baseball tournament, but I haven't actually been to their campus before."

"I've never been to Fayetteville before either. I have been to Little Rock, but not to see Fayetteville."

Fisher has been to see Iowa and Nebraska in the past. He has some things that he would like to accomplish on these trips.

"Obviously taking to the coaching staff is a big part of it. To be comfortable around the people that you might be around for the next four to five years."

"I just like to get the opportunity to see the campus. I also want to get a chance to talk to some people academically about the school. I also want to get a feel for what life is like there."

Fisher has some more plans for the summer on top of the upcoming trips to Oklahoma and Arkansas. He will be back in Lincoln and maybe Iowa City.

"I'll go next weekend, then I will go for a day or two to the Nebraska camp and then I want to get down to Iowa too. They don't want me for camp, they just want me to visit."

Fisher says that he has a top five, of which all have offered, and that he is still considering a couple of others. He is still interested in the others, but doesn't have anything lined up to visit them.

"I would say Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa State, Iowa and Arkansas. Outside of those five I am still considering Wisconsin and Colorado."

"As far as visiting? Yeah, but I am still interested in those other schools, but I don't have anything planned in terms of visiting them."

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