Washington's status still unclear

On the defensive side of the football, LaTravis Washington is a key part to the Nebraska recruiting class for 2007. While he did play quarterback in high school, he projects to play linebacker or safety at the next level. Those are two positions that may not need a lot of help this year from a true freshman, but will definitely be open to a redshirt freshman in the spring.

One future Husker status is still hanging out there. LaTravis Washington says that he is uncertain whether or not he has qualified to come to Lincoln this summer

One thing is for sure, he is done with high school. With diploma in hand, Washington caught up with Big Red Report to discuss his academic status.

Big Red Report: I am hearing that congratulations are in order?

LaTravis Washington: Yes they are! Thank you sir.

Big Red Report: What was it like to walk across that stage and finally pick up that diploma?

LaTravis Washington: It was just a big lift off of your heart!

Big Red Report: It had to feel pretty good to know that is behind you and your career is in front of you as a Husker?

LaTravis Washington: Yes sir!

Big Red Report: What is the schedule looking like for you this summer? When are you going to get to Lincoln?

LaTravis Washington: Oh man, I am probably getting to Lincoln in July some time.

Big Red Report: In the July timeframe? Do you know what date?

LaTravis Washington: I don't know what date. My coach didn't give me the date, but he did tell me in July some time.

Big Red Report: So you are not going to enroll for the summer session?

LaTravis Washington: No.

Big Red Report: How is the academic situation? Are you good to go?

LaTravis Washington: Hopefully I am good to go. My coach is talking like I get to go. I think that I get to go. I have the grades to. I don't know. He's been a little worried about some of my test scores.

My GPA was higher then what I needed and I hope that my GPA stayed up for this last semester. I will see if I got what I needed as grades come in.

Big Red Report: Have you talked to Nebraska? What have they said about your situation?

LaTravis Washington: They said in the worst case scenario I would have to greyshirt and have to come in this January. I would sit out the fall part of the season.

I would then come in this January for workouts and spring practices. I would then have the summer workout then the fall and that good stuff for two a days. My clock wouldn't start until fall of 2008.

Even if that is the worst case scenario, I think that might be the best thing for me. If I come in there in July, I will have to redshirt. I will be there just to be on the practice squad.

If I am coming in this January then I am actually fighting for a spot. Three of their linebackers and two of their safeties are leaving due to graduation. I think that is actually best case for me. That is a great situation.

Big Red Report: Given the worst case scenario, is that very discouraging to you?

LaTravis Washington: At one point it was. I was looking out and saying 'Dang, I am not leaving until January and everyone else is already gone.'

I was looking at it that way. Most people go out there and redshirt and have to sit out anyway. If I come out in January they are losing five people at the spots I can compete for.

That is a good thing for me. I am thinking that I have a good chance to come in and start or play right away. It's not a bad thing. I have talked to my coaches. Plan B is actually a good plan for me.

Big Red Report: When will you finally know if you are going to qualify or not qualify?

LaTravis Washington: I will get the final word when the report card comes in for my last semester. That will determine whether I go in July or in January.

Big Red Report: What about summer classes? Would you consider summer classes to try to get your grades back up?

LaTravis Washington: I was thinking about just taking some classes at M.C.C. and those would transfer to Nebraska. I could actually be a freshman taking sophomore courses.

That may be a good thing. I might be working towards my major once I got there.

Big Red Report: Have you been in touch with Fabian Washington at all?

LaTravis Washington: Yeah, I talk to that guy a lot. He's at mini camp right now. He says that he loves it. He says that he gets along with the new coach and they talk a lot on the phone.

He is best friends with JaMarcus Russell. He says that they are kicking it all the time. That is the rookie and Fabian is still young himself.

Randy Moss was his partner in crime when he was there. It's been pretty good for him.

Big Red Report: Are you going to get a chance to go out there at all this summer?

LaTravis Washington: I talked to him and he was talking about coming out for a weekend or a week. After that he was going to come home with me to Florida.

I need to talk to him again. At first, I need to get a hold of him. He has been busy with meetings and practices. I haven't spoke with him in a while.

Big Red Report: When do you think that you are going to get that final report card?

LaTravis Washington: It should be coming in about two or three weeks. I might get it early if I ask my coach to go in there and print it out.

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