Huskers after tall CB from Texas

The theory goes that if you add height, you lose speed. And maybe not straight line speed, but quickness through the hips. It's becoming increasingly important to have closer to 6-foot cornerbacks than not to defend 6-foot-3+ wide receivers. While athleticism makes up some difference, it's key to have that size to bump and run effectively.

The search for taller cornerbacks have led schools to Sugar Land (Texas) Fort Bend Dulles to see Junior Okpara. Okpara is a 6-foot-1 and 175-pound cornerback with 4.48 speed.

Okpara has the size and speed to be an effective and physical cornerback at the next level. He just got out of school and has some summer plans made to see some schools.

"Yes sir, we just got out last Thursday," Okpara said. "I have a job, I am working out and doing some workouts at a nearby gym."

"I am planning on taking four or five unofficial visits. I have Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Virginia and Nebraska will get visits for sure."

"If I have time I might slip one more in. I would say Texas A&M, but I have already been there. I might plan on going to Missouri or Florida."

Okpara admits that his season could have been better last year, but he thinks that he played well despite no honors. He did pick up honorable mention as a sophomore.

"I had 61 tackles, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery and probably two or three pass breakups last year. I played more of a cover cornerback last year and didn't come up to support the run a lot."

Since last season, Okpara has had to change his modus operandi. He wants to be more active in all around defense and not just stuck on his receiver.

"I've had the time to adjust my mindset. I worked on that in the spring time. I am working on being a good cover corner and being aggressive and coming up to support the run."

Okpara is suited to play cover corner though. His best skills attest to it. He has lock down ability against taller receivers and is a real student of the game.

"My biggest strengths are still in my coverage skills. I can watch the quarterbacks drop steps and watch my wide receiver and know the amount of routes the receiver can do."

"I am also a lot taller than other corners. It makes quarterbacks throw it higher. It makes the passes harder and easier for the safety to come over for two on one coverage."

It's easy to understand why Okpara is a hot commodity. He has the tools to be a big time cornerback at the next level. He is almost up to double-digit offers right now.

"I am up to nine offers right now. I have offers from Baylor, Oklahoma State, Virginia, Missouri, Duke, Northwestern, Rice, Nebraska and Arkansas."

"I have to do my homework on them. I need to find out what I like and what I don't like about all of the schools that have offered. When I come out of my visits I will have all of my information."

There are four teams that have offered Okpara that are standing out. There are some others that he likes that haven't offered so he is really concentrating on schools that have offered as of now.

"I would say that my favorites are Virginia, Oklahoma State, Nebraska and Arkansas. I like some other schools, but I haven't picked up offers from them. I am looking more at the schools that have offered."

The Nebraska offer did catch Okpara a little off guard. He saw Nebraska one day at his school and heard that they were interested. Only after they called and offered was he sure how interested Nebraska was.

"I was surprised at first. I saw them at one of our athletic periods and my coach told me that they were interest, but I wasn't sure how much."

"I didn't hear too much from them, but a couple of days later Coach Ted Gilmore called me and talked to me. They offered me then."

"I have always known about Nebraska's football program. I already know that they have a great program. They are a powerhouse team and have a great program. I have high interest in them."

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