Huskers after another Dillard

Every school looks to find that one do-it-all kind of player. Someone you can stick on offense, defense and use in the return game on special teams. Nebraska has offered one player who fits that description to a tee, and his early thoughts on the recruiting scene are that he's really warming up to the big red.

Los Medanos junior college athlete Myron Dillard has been getting his share of recruiting attention. But the position he's being offered for could vary depending on the team. Dillard is one of those kinds of players, who you don't really care where he plays, just so long as he plays for you. This kid's measurables are stunning.

"The fastest 40 I have ran is a 4.28, and my fastest shuttle is a 4.01," Dillard said. I can jump 36 inches, and I bench 185 pounds 18 times."

Yeah, stunning.

That kind of do-it-all athleticism means that even in junior college Myron doesn't know one play to the next just where he's going to line up. "I've played defensive back, wide receiver, running back, safety and I am the main guy in the return game," Myron said. "The coaches put me basically wherever they need my speed."

That speed helped him to amass over 200 yards both rushing and receiving, scoring a touchdown from each position. But where Dillard found himself at home the most was on special teams, where he totaled over 500 yards in kickoff returns, taking one all the way back for the score. He's got the speed, but Dillard said that if you can't see very well, speed isn't going to do you much good. "I can see the whole field when I am out there, which is why I am able to find the holes, hit the gaps and just let my speed take over," he said. "Once I find that hole, I am really good at exploding through it and just going."

Thus far Dillard said that he's gotten written offers from Nebraska Maryland, Oregon, State, Kansas State, Southern Miss and Iowa State, and as you could guess, they aren't all for the same position. The offer from the Huskers came and there wasn't a position listed at all. "They want me as an athlete – someone they can play on both sides and in the return game," Myron said.

That suits Dillard just fine, and he's particularly excited about the offer from Nebraska , because a player some might have heard of was someone he knows all about. "Tommie Frazier went to school at Bradenton , which is only about 20 minutes from where I grew up," Dillard said of Gulf Port , Florida , where he spent his days as a young man and a prep athlete. "That was back in the day when Nebraska was on top."

The Huskers aren't on top right now, at least not in respect to the five year run of the mid to late-90s which saw them go 60-3 in five years, winning three national titles, but Dillard sees the program as one heading back that way. "There are a lot of programs right now who seem like they are going to be a lot better and Nebraska is one of them," Dillard said. "And Nebraska is a place I could see myself playing."

Part of that belief comes from knowing that the Huskers lose four wide receivers after this year. And part of that comes from knowing what he can do once he gets on the field. "I'm explosive. I'm quick and if I get into the open field, I know I am going to outrun most anyone," he said.

Dillard may approach the game with a frenetic pace, but he's approaching recruiting a lot differently right now. Some time in junior college will do that for a young man, if he lets it sink in just what happened to him to get there in the first place. Dillard said that junior college teaches you patience, and he's not going to rush into any sort of decision right now.

"Junior college forces you to grow up and figure out what you want to do. You don't have a choice but to look at where you are at and where you are going," Dillard said. "With the recruiting, I know that I am determined to take all of my official visits, learn as much as I can about every single school and after that's all over, then I'll make my decision."

Dillard said of his visits, that he isn't sure as to where they will go, and he said he has no favorites right now. But there's one official visit he basically has etched in stone. "My first visit will be to Nebraska . Coach (Dennis)Wagner has been recruiting me and he's a really cool guy. Plus, I know they are going to need receivers," Myron said.

While Dillard denies a concrete leader, he went on to say this about the big red. "It's Nebraska . I mean, what else do you need to say. It's big time football and that's all they have there," he said. "It's all about the program there, and I really like that. That way you know that you are concentrating on two things; football and school. Wherever I go, I'm going to get my degree."

Mryon will have three years to play two at the Division 1-A level

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