Robinson & Hoch show out in Missouri

For future Husker Trevor Robinson, another camp is just that. Over the couple of years Robinson has been to the gamut in team camps and combines, ranging from his most recent one, a Nike Camp in Missouri , to one of his first, the U.S. Army All-American junior combine in San Antonio . If this is his last combine, it wasn't a bad way to finish up.

Trevor Robinson earns offensive line MVP and dominates his competition at the latest camp he attend.


It's almost old news anymore when you hear about the Elkhorn prep standout, standing out, because he's used to it and it doesn't hurt that he's pretty darn good. So good in fact, you'd wonder why someone who has offers from the likes of Notre Dame, Michigan and the big red, and will be playing for Nebraska in the future – what's he got left to prove?

"It's just another opportunity to learn a little more and have some fun," Trevor said of attending what he estimated was his fifth or sixth combine, not counting the nine team camps in which he's participated. "You learn something every one you go to, and this one was no different."

Outside of showing his stuff once again, Trevor got the luxury of being able to work with one of his future teammates and fellow "biggun", Harlan , Iowa 's Dan Hoch. For Robinson and Hoch both, it was nice to get this little head start.

"It was good, because he would get lined up at tackle and I would get lined up at guard, and we always made sure to get lined up together," Robinson said. "It's nice being able to do stuff like that even before we hit campus."

Hoch agreed

"It was great, because I think that even though we have talked before, this was a chance where I think we really clicked and started to develop the kind of chemistry you need," Hoch said. "When we lined up together, we pretty much dominated everyone in front of us. It was a lot of fun."

Hoch, who for the first time in his life, was actually lined up at guard, got to experience what it's like to play on the interior portion of the line. But it wasn't, because that was what he wanted to do. It was actually some defensive players' idea. "I was getting called out by all these defensive tackles, so they just put me at guard, which I have never played before," Hoch said. "But I just got into the mind-set of attacking more than I do at tackle, and I think I did pretty good. I don't think any of them (the defensive tackles) are talking too much anymore."

Dan Hoch

For both Hoch and Robinson, this winds down their prep experience as combine participants. But both are happy to say that there is one more camping experience where they will once again get to see each other before their final season of prep ball begins. It's actually when most of the class of 2008 is slated to hook up, all four of the offensive line commits along with quarterback Blaine Gabbert, are going to be there for a day. "Yeah, I can't wait," Hoch said. "It's going to be great for all of the linemen to get together there and I just talked to Blaine , and he said he's definitely going to be there too. It's going to be a lot of fun."

And unlike the combines, where it's the offensive linemen against the defensive linemen, in this particular camp, they might get to go against each other for what will no doubt be some heated one-on-ones. "You always want to know how you stack up, and with the class of linemen Nebraska has right now, it will probably be the best competition I faced," Hoch said. "The great thing is, I know that those are my future teammates I will be going against. But I guess even then, you still want to win."

Robinson agreed with that sentiment, acknowledging how great it was going to be when all of them could meet, even if it was for only one day. But when it comes to the one-on-ones, if they do indeed get matched up against each other, all bets are off. "Even if it's your best friend, if you are going against them you just want to win," Robinson said. "I am sure those guys will feel the same. But when it's over, your friends again or in this case, teammates. But I think everyone will like to see just how they do against someone else on their team."

"You always want to know how you stack up."

Stacking up might be the best way to put it as Hoch and Robinson, plus Baker Steinkuhler and Bryce Givens, take up a whopping amount of space. But luckily for the Huskers, these prep stars have a lot more to them than just a little extra size. Between Ohio State and Nebraska , you have unquestionably the two best offensive line classes in the country. Only time will tell who out of those two will end up proving their worth.

Stay tuned to Big Red Report as we are approaching summer camp season, and yes, we'll bring you all the goodies from when Blaine Gabbert and some of his future offensive linemen come into Lincoln for a day. It will be the first time since head coach Bill Callahan arrived, where they have had this many future Huskers in one single summer session. You never know, there could eventually be more than that.

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