Will offer from Longhorns sway Givens?

The possibility of decommitments during the recruiting process seems inevitable. It's a natural process you might say. But it's never good for those fans and coaches of the team it happens to. With the recent offer from the Texas Longhorns to current Husker commit Bryce Givens, is the writing already on the wall? Bryce talked about that and if Husker fans have anything to worry about right now.

Before the recruiting process even began for Mullen High School offensive lineman Bryce Givens, he had a number one school. It was not just his top school he wanted to attend, but it was also the place where one of his best friends committed to play football next year.


As Givens watched his friend, Nolan Brewster – commit to be a Horn, there was part of him that wanted to do the same. But there was no offer, and at that time, it didn't seem like one was going to be on the way.

The recruiting process doesn't stop, and Givens didn't either, checking out some of his many schools on his list. He may not have had the Texas offer, but he had 14 others, including Nebraska , Colorado , Stanford and Michigan .

It didn't take Givens very long to figure out where he wanted to go, ultimately pledging his future services to Nebraska . That was back in April.

Since that time, Texas has lost a few players of its own. Not as decommits, but players transferring and the two most recent transfers happen to be two offensive linemen. It didn't take much longer before Texas was on Givens' doorstep.

"They offered me, and told me that they liked to have 15 offensive linemen and because of the two transfers, they were down to 13," Givens said of what Texas ' coaches communicated to him. "So, they didn't have the space, but said that they wanted me now."

Take away the fact that one of his best friends is playing there, an offer from the Longhorns is big. This is a program which rarely goes outside of the Lone star state, because they simply don't have to. The state of Texas is the perennial leader when it comes out to putting out the most Division 1-A football players. And now the Longhorns are going to Colorado to fill in at least one open spot.

There's the pressure of already being a commit, and a satisfied one at that, according to Givens. But there's the lure of being offered by the first team you wanted to play for before recruiting even began. That's the dilemma, but while Givens said it's one he didn't expect, he isn't sure how much good it will do now. "It definitely throws a curve ball into things, but it doesn't change why I committed to Nebraska in the first place," Bryce said. "It's a great place, the coaches are great and the recruiting class they are putting together is awesome."

After getting the offer, Givens said that after he called Brewster to tell him the news, he then got onto the phone with his primary recruiter from Nebraska – wide receiver coach Ted Gilmore. Givens said that he had voiced to Gilmore his intentions of taking a visit to Austin , either this summer or as an official during the season. You can figure that didn't go over particularly well, but Givens said that despite his commitment, he feels it's something he has to do.

"Coach Gilmore said that they would just as soon me not take any visits, but what are you going to do," Givens said. "I'm a commit, but I still want to go and check it out. I just told coach Gilmore than he didn't have anything to worry about, that I was still 99 percent sure I was going to be a Husker, and I just needed to do this for me. I'm still planning on being at Nebraska ."

While the Texas offer throws a bit of a chink into the works, it doesn't throw one into Givens' schedule for the summer. Specifically, the Nebraska summer camp, where he and the rest of the offensive line commits along with quarterback Blaine Gabbert, will all be attending together. Givens is excited about that, but he's also hopeful that someone with him is going to open up some Lincoln eyes as to what Bryce knows he can do. "Jimmy and I are heading down there in about a week," Bryce said of himself and teammate and good friend – fellow offensive lineman Jimmy Miller. "We just had a combine here and Jimmy really did well. If he does that, I think people will really start to take notice, because he's a heck of a player. I know that if he got an offer from Nebraska , he'd commit on the spot. That would be great to see."

While the future of Miller's recruiting is still of interest to Husker fans, it's obvious that Givens and his current situation stand fast as the thing which will have the rabid red reeling from angst and the believe in certain doom. Givens said that he does plan on taking the visit, but it's just something he's doing for himself, and he wants Husker fans to know that there isn't anything they need to concern themselves with. He still plans on wearing red.

"I'm going to be at Nebraska . I'm almost positive of that," he said. "But I need to go down there ( Austin ) and take a look. It's just one of those things that if I didn't do it, I'd probably always be wondering if I did. Nebraska is a great place, and everything about it is awesome. I committed there, because I knew that's where I wanted to be. So, this is just enjoying the recruiting, I guess. But I'm a commit to Nebraska and I'm 99 percent sure I am going to stay that way."

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