Gabbert makes big statement in Columbia

One of Nebraska's biggest commitments shows the world that he is worthy of the attention and the accolades. More than just a great quarterback prospect, Blaine Gabbert, is forming a bond with the current Husker commitments and is also trying to bring in another St. Louis area player with him to Lincoln.

The Nike camp was in Columbia (Mo.) last week and Blaine Gabbert was in attendance. The heralded, 6-foot-5 and 235-pound, Gabbert didn't have a lot to prove to anyone there, but he was hoping for some recognition.

"I just wanted to show really what I could do," Gabbert said. "It kind of sounds cocky to say it, but I really didn't have much to prove considering I have already committed."

The recognition was really in the hopes of being one of the few selected to be part of the Elite 11 Camp that is in July. As a result of Gabbert's efforts he did receive some camp recognition.

"I really was going there to get an invite. I want to get invited to the Elite 11 camp. I thought that I did fairly well. I could have done better, people probably said that I did good. I think that I will end up getting that invite."

"I got the MVP of the quarterbacks there. I got an award for that. I was told by some people that I was the best player at the camp."

Gabbert was in Columbia "among friends". Trevor Robinson and Dan Hoch were there are the camp as well. "They both did really well. Trevor got the offensive line MVP and Dan came in second. We just hung out and talked most of the time."

Gabbert admitted that he has been in heavy conduct with two of his future protectors. "Yep, definitely. We have all hit it off and talk to each other. We all keep track of how the other ones did."

Since the commitment to Nebraska, not much has changed. He is still receiving interest from some other schools and even picked up on some new offers. One of which was a pretty significant one.

"I have picked up a few new offers. I got a few after I committed. The big one was probably Tennessee. I had a fair amount of contact with Tennessee up to committing."

The baseball season has come and gone for Gabbert. He and his team had a solid season. As far as his baseball future is concerned, he has probably put on the spikes for the last time.

"We're done. We lost in the state district tournament. I think that I ended up hitting over .400 on the season. I do not think that I will be playing baseball next year."

Beyond the Nike camp in Columbia, Gabbert is looking to make it back up to Lincoln this summer for the quarterback academy. After that, he will stay local and just do team related camps. He is also hoping that he will get that Elite 11 nomination.

"I will be up there for Nebraska's quarterback camp. My team camp is here in St. Louis and our strength and conditioning camp is here in St. Louis. And then I am hoping for the Elite 11 in July."

Gabbert has already picked up a fairly significant, all-star honor. However, he is holding out his hopes for another one. One that, in his mind, is a bit more significant.

"I got invited to the ESPN All-Star game, I think that it's the Offense-Defense Game. I really want to go to the U.S. Army All-American game. That is a really big goal."

Gabbert doesn't know what his status is as a potential U.S. Army All-American. He does know that he has been nominated along with a team mate of his and some other area players.

"Not really. I guess that they officially nominated the players from my city. I have talked to Tom Lemming a couple of times. They have nominated me, my wide receiver and Wes Kemp from the area."

Kemp is a player that has been singing a little different tune lately, due in part to Gabbert. Gabbert admitted that he does talk to Kemp weekly. "I talk to probably two or three times a week and whenever I do I just usually tell him to come to Nebraska. That's all that I say to him."

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