An Ideal Combination?

It wasn't like the name "Wes Kemp" wasn't already on the radar of Husker fans before the commitment of fellow Missourian - quarterback Blaine Gabbert. But since that pledge, Kemp's name has become an even hotter topic. A stud Midwestern QB and a stud Midwestern wide receiver – it looks like an ideal combination. How ideal? Kemp talked about the potential of the match.

It's become a well-chronicled story, but after Nebraska secured the commitment of quarterback Blaine Gabbert, it didn't take long for Gabbert to turn around and try to get a few of his own.

As many recruits turned commits are prone to doing, Blaine , now a Husker – hit the phones, calling anyone and everyone he could. One of the initial calls and what has been a trend since Gabbert made his decision, was to De Smet Jesuit wideout Wes Kemp.

This would have been a no-brainer even if Kemp was on the west coast, but the fact that the two are friends and are fellow Missourians made it even easier. Well, for Gabbert that is. For Kemp, he jokingly talked about Gabbert's persistence as the most ardent recruiter for the big red. "When we talk now, it's one thing I know he's going to bring up – ‘you need to come to Nebraska '," he said. "And it's funny, because now, if another school comes up, Blaine doesn't have anything good to say."

Kemp commented on a comment made to him by Gabbert, when Kemp had unofficially visited Ole Miss recently. Apparently Gabbert thought he could do better. "He asked me why I was going there, because they weren't any good," Kemp said. "I told him that I need to keep my options open – that there are a lot of choices out there for me, and Ole Miss is a good program."

Part of the big attraction to Ole Miss is the in-coming transfer of former Texas quarterback Jevon Snead. While the former Longhorn won't be able to play this season, he'll be able to the next, and Kemp says that's when Ole Miss could really start to come around. "They are trying to build something good down there, and Snead could be a big key to that," he said. "They are going to try and throw the ball more, and that obviously is interesting to me. It's a good program, and it may not be established as a power right now, but you have to start somewhere and that is what they are trying to do."

Of course, Gabbert looks to compare the two teams, matching up the traditions of the Huskers and the Rebels. Kemp said that Ole Miss is trying to get where Nebraska has been and seems to be getting back to at this point. " Nebraska is Nebraska . They've been doing it for a long time, and they have established themselves to the point where you just say " Nebraska " and everyone knows," Kemp said. "They have the west coast offense which is a system which I know would fit me. But that isn't everything that I am looking at. It's a big thing, but it's not everything."

And then there is Gabbert himself. No, not Gabbert the recruiter, but Gabbert the all-everything QB. Kemp knows full well what Blaine brings to the table, and if the system of Nebraska wasn't enough, he said that knowing Nebraska has a big-time QB coming in certainly doesn't hurt. " Blaine is going to be a success at the next level. I know that, because when you work hard like he does, good things are going to happen," Kemp said. "He might not do it his first year, but Blaine is the future at Nebraska . I don't have a doubt in my mind about that."

Back to the recruiting, though, yes, the pressure from Gabbert is there, and yes, the lure of an offense which Kemp feels is ideal – that's there as well. But it's not enough. With offers from schools like Iowa , Ole Miss, Wisconsin and, of course, Missouri , there's a lot Kemp feels he needs to do. "I know someone that is going to be there, and that's a plus," Wes said of Gabbert being at Nebraska . "And I know they have like four top rated offensive linemen coming in with this class too. But there are things I have to see for myself, questions I have to answer for myself and I probably want to see an actual game for myself too.

" Blaine has already made his decision, but I still have to make mine, and there are a lot of schools I am looking at right now. There's still a long ways to go."

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