Nebraska looking at another Kansas LB

Last year Nebraska went into Shawnee Mission (Kans.) West to get Blake Lawrence. This year, the Huskers are back at another familiar school where they got a linebacker a few years ago by the name of Lance Brandenburgh. This athletic player from Overland Park (Kans.) St. Thomas Aquinas is already holding some very nice offers.

Kyler Reed has been a busy man this month. He has been fielding a lot of phone calls. He admits, that most of them have been from college coaches interested in him to play ball for them in college.

"I've gotten a lot of calls this month," Reed said. "It's mostly been football coaches and about football."

Reed is out of school and has already started hitting some camps. He was in Columbia last week for the Nike camp and thought that he played pretty good.

"I am done with school. I went to the Nike camp at Columbia this last Friday. I think that it went pretty well. I didn't do as well as I wanted in the one on ones."

"It was good to see the competition and to see how well I matched up with them. I thought that I matched up alright. I thought that I did OK."

Beyond the Nike camp there aren't any other plans set for Reed. He would like to take some one day camps and then make some other trips later in June.

"Nothing for sure now. I have a job and work everyday. I am planning on trying to get to Kansas or Kansas State or maybe both."

"I would also like to plan a trip to maybe Northwestern and maybe to Nebraska. I think that most of those will happen sometime in June."

Reed is nearing a double-digit total for offers. "I think that it's eight or nine. They're from Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado, Colorado State, Wyoming, Northwestern and Ball State."

Most schools like Reed on the offensive side of the football as a receiver of some sort. Not Nebraska. Nebraska is looking at him to play the other side of the football.

"The majority of the schools like me playing wide receiver. Nebraska does like me as a linebacker. Most like me as a receiver, slot or HBack."

If there is a position that Reed is more comfortable playing it's probably receiver. Mostly because he hasn't played linebacker since his first year of high school.

"I would prefer wide receiver, probably. That's as of now because I haven't played linebacker since my freshman year. I have always liked offense."

"I played outside linebacker my freshman year. I didn't play any defense as a sophomore. Last year I did see some time as a safety. One game I started as a cornerback."

While Reed hasn't had a lot of experience at the linebacker position he thinks that he can play it. In fact, he is going to give it a go at linebacker this year for Aquinas to see if he likes it.

"I think that I could play it. I would be a speedy outside linebacker. I haven't thought it much yet, but I am taking some interest in it."

"I think that I am going to be playing linebacker this year for Aquinas as well as receiver. I don't know if I will play both-ways each game, but as of now I want to work out at linebacker and see if I like it."

Reed says that as a receiver that he presents match up problems. The 6-foot-2 and 215-pound Reed has a good work ethic, good speed and good hands to go with that frame.

"As a receiver, I think that I am a pretty big receiver so I can make match up problems against smaller corners. I also work hard. That is probably my biggest strength."

"I'm not super fast. I have good speed, but I am not the quickest. I am quick. I like to think that I have pretty good hands. I think that I could be a good jump-ball receiver."

Reed said that as the season goes that the players at Aquinas don't get caught up in stats. Reed knows that he broke a school record and that he did receive one honor.

"I don't really know what my stats are. We try to stay away from stats. I do know that I broke a receiving yards record. I got honorable mention for Eastern Kansas League."

There are a couple of key things that Reed is looking at right now when considering which school. "Right now I am mostly looking at the coaches. I am also looking at the possibilities of playing early and where I could fit in."

The Nebraska offer to Reed was a bit of a surprise. Reed knew that Nebraska was interest, but hadn't spoken to anyone from Nebraska yet. "I was surprised. I knew that they were interested because my coach told me. I didn't have a chance to talk to Coach Kevin Cosgrove yet."

"Coach Cosgrove came into Aquinas one day and he watched some film. I knew that he was there. Later that day the coach told me that they were going to offer me."

Reed has some familiarity with Nebraska football. In fact, he says that Nebraska is his favorite college football team. His dad is originally from Omaha.

"I have actually always been a Husker fan. My dad is from Omaha. He was a Nebraska fan, went to Boys Town, and I think that I just picked it up from him."

"Red is my favorite color. They have always just been my team, my favorite team. They are the team that I just liked to watch."

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