"Who wouldn't want to be a Cornhusker?"

You might say Nebraska has put out its share of good defensive ends over the years. The list is long of those who played the position at Nebraska , and then had starring roles later in the NFL. There's one player who this fact is not lost on, who refers to Nebraska as " Defensive End University ", and that's why he's got the big red high on his list.

El Camino Junior College defensive linemen Simi Kuli has plenty of offers. If you asked him how many, he'd tell you what he told Big Red Report: "A lot. That's all I know," he said.

Names like LSU, Oregon , Texas A&M, Oklahoma and BYU make the list. But Kuli said that when he got the Nebraska offer, it really caught his attention. "I was speechless, to be honest, when I got that offer from them," Kuli said. "I didn't know what to say. I mean, that's Nebraska . That's defensive end university."

Hard to argue that point as Nebraska put two more defensive ends into the league during this last NFL Draft, Adam Carriker going in the first round. And they have no less than five more defensive ends in the NFL, three of which (Mike Rucker, Kyle Vanden Bosch and Chris Kelsay) who have or are currently starting for NFL teams. And that doesn't include names like Grant Wistrom and Neil Smith, both of whom starred at the position in the league, Smith being named All-Pro multiple times.

Aside from the success at the highest level of the game, though, Kuli sees the Nebraska defensive ends as being able to do so well what he prides himself in being able to do game-to-game. "Some defensive ends – they can play pass, but not the run. And some, it's the other way around," Kuli said. "Not me. One of my strengths is my balance, and that if you need me to rush the passer I can, stop the run, I can and if you need to move me inside, I can do everything there too."

Kuli has the numbers to back that up. Last year, playing for El Camino, Kuli racked up 50 tackles, including15 for loss, five of which were sacks. Kuli also added 20 quarterback hurries and one fumble recovery in the 10 games he played. Add to those an impressive 4.70/40 out of his 6-4, 270 pound frame.

Now you can see why the offers have been pouring in and continue to pour in. Which has brought Kuli to a stark realization as to when he'd like to make his decision. "I really want to concentrate on my last year here, and the recruiting can be a little distracting at times," he said. "So, I am going to take some visits this summer and hopefully when those are done, I will know where I want to go."

As you might imagine, Nebraska is one of those visits. Simi stated that he would be visiting Lincoln in about three weeks, which comes a week after his visit down to Texas A&M. And after the Nebraska visit, Kuli said that he'll probably visit Oklahoma .

If you want the short list of his favorites, those three would be it, according to Kuli. And during the visits to those places, he's only looking to see one major thing: "I want to see what kind of atmosphere they have, how close everyone is, because for me, it's got to be like another family," he said. "It's got to feel like a home away from home. It just has to feel like the perfect place to be."

You could say that all three teams he mentioned share the spot at the top for his interest. Kuli said that, that would probably be true. But when asked about how overall thoughts on the Huskers, Kuli didn't exactly hedge how he was feeling. "Hey, who wouldn't want to be a Cornhusker?" he asked. "That's the Cornhuskers!"

Kuli said that he will have three years to play two, and is scheduled to graduate next May.

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