The offers keep rolling in for Florida back

Eric Smith is a bigger type back, and he most definitely has the mentality to back up his stature. But don't let the stereotype fool you. Smith has the moves to compliment his physical style, making him a lethal combination of elusiveness and brute-like ability. That's why this Florida back is getting offers from everywhere, including the Huskers.

At 5-11 and just over 215 pounds, Armwood High School ( Seffner , FL ) running back Eric Smith is physically a formidable force. He's one of those types of players who plays faster than he tests. Running a reported best 40 of 4.6, you might not think Smith has the speed, but with a 325 bench and a 545 squat, the difference between him and most backs is that while most are slowing down once the pads go on, Smith isn't losing a step. "My size and strength allow me to play fast even though I don't test that fast," Smith said. "I'm just as fast with the pads on as I am without them."

The proof is in the pudding, though, and Smith did that last season, and in only four games due to a fractured elbow which kept him out most of the season. In just the four contests, Smith scored a whopping 12 touchdowns, racking up 550 yards along the way.

It was such a standout effort in such a short amount of time, Smith saw the offers coming in bunches, to the extent that he doesn't know how many he has – only that its "a lot."

Of course, the written offer from Florida stands out, and normally that would be enough for other schools to stop recruiting him and for him to have already made up his mind. But Smith said that his motivation and more than that – inspiration, will determine where he goes. "The coach from Clemson asked me if I was going to stay closer to him, and thought that me having the Florida offer was probably enough to keep me inside the state," Smith said. "But I'm going where God sends me. How much a team is recruiting me isn't all that important, because I know they are all going to say the same thing. I'm putting it in God's hands, and wherever it feels like I should be, that's where I will go."

With all the offers from local schools, both inside and close to the state, the first inclination for fans in areas such as Nebraska , would be to believe that Smith may venture out of Florida , but it won't be all that far. Smith said that he wasn't ready to rule out school as far west as the big red, but said that proximity could play a role in his final decision. "I don't have to stay close, like right next door, but I would like it to be close enough so that it's not a real long trip to come home to see my family," Smith said. "I'm not saying that rules out Nebraska , though."

It might not technically rule out Nebraska , but if there are indications of where his desires lie, it's probably indicated best by the fact that he'll be camping at Auburn July 14th and he plans to unofficially visit Clemson and Alabama as well. If all goes to plan, he'll have his decision before his final season even begins. "That's what I am hoping, but things don't always work out like that, and it has to feel right, like a place I know God wants me to be," he said. "I am hoping to know where I want to go before I start my final season. Then I can just concentrate on football."

Smith acknowledged, however, that as the recruiting continues to heat up, the process could become more complicated. Just two days ago LSU threw its hat in the ring with an offer. That probably isn't the end of it, and Smith likes the extra options even though it could elongate the process more than he'd like. "You can't be disappointed about more options and more schools to choose from. It's just that many more options I have for my future," he said. "We'll see how it goes, but I'm putting this all in God's hands. I know he'll lead me to the right place."

Smith said that the teams showing him the most attention of those outside the state are Alabama , Clemson and Auburn .

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