The latest Husker comments on commitment

Pipelines can be formed due to strong coaching ties, but don't overlook the bonds with past teammates. Coach Dennis Wagner and players Maurice Purify and Zac Lee both at Nebraska, gave Adrian Hilburn a lot of confidence in his decision to become a Cornhusker. He also knows that Nebraska offers the best chance for his own personal development as a player.

The latest Husker commit, Adrian Hilburn, has been a little busy with the ringing phones. He is getting a taste of the Nebraska media.

"It's pretty cool," Hilburn said. "I have never really been through this before."

Hilburn has actually been a Husker commit for a few days now. He committed on the reassurances of an old, and now future, teammate.

"I actually committed on Friday. I know that my quarterback, Zac Lee, is up there and he tells me how great it is up there."

Hilburn really sat down and thought about his situation. He loved the conference that Nebraska plays in and his family really supported his decision to want to be a Cornhusker.

"It just seems out of all the schools that are recruiting me that the Big 12, I like the Big 12 conference, and I talked it over with my family and it seemed like the right thing to do. It was a no-brainer."

Hilburn committed to Nebraska over a few other schools. He was holding one other offer. "I was also considering Tennessee, Texas A&M and Oregon. I had an offer from Texas A&M."

Nebraska will have Maurice Purify and Zach Lee on their roster this fall. Hilburn considered the success and the words of these two players when it came to choosing Nebraska.

"That is another factor. Since they already have a couple of SF guys there, it makes me feel more comfortable coming in. They have players coming in from where I am from."

Out of high school, Hilburn was a standout in Texas. He wasn't a non-qualifier, per say, he just didn't complete the NCAA clearinghouse process.

"I went to New Braunfels (Texas) Canyon. I just didn't finish with the clearinghouse process. I had a 3.3 GPA out of high school. I just went to city college as a result of that."

Hilburn does it all well. He is a physical receiver that has the ability to get yards after the catch. He also has the ability to run the fade pattern with his taller frame.

"I would say that I am physical. I finish plays and get yards after the catch. I have the ability on goal line situations to go up and get the ball at the highest point. I am quick off the line and I have speed to breakaway."

Hilburn looks at what he can do and looks at what Nebraska does and knows that they are a good fit. He knows that Nebraska will make him into the best player possible.

"I think that I fit in real good. My quarterback tells me that I can go in there and play. With my size now, he said that I will get bigger at Nebraska."

"I am already 194-pounds now and 6-foot-2. He said that when I get there all that I am going to do is get faster and stronger. I think that I fit in well at Nebraska."

Besides the good news about Hilburn's commitment is that he can enroll for the spring semester and is three to play two. "I am on pace right now to transfer after the fall. I plan to be at Nebraska for spring practices next year."

Chalk this commitment up, Husker fans. Hilburn is solid with his friends in Lincoln and the work that recruiting coach Dennis Wagner did with him and the previous players from C.C.S.F. that are at Nebraska.

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