Fisher headed back to Lincoln

One of the top performers in Lincoln at the summer camp was undoubtedly Sean Fisher. Fisher's popularity has continued to soar. A potential monster at SAM linebacker, Fisher is holding offers from Nebraska, Iowa, and recently Oklahoma, among others. Just days after completing the summer camp in Lincoln, he is headed back to Lincoln to talk to the coaches.

At 6-foot-5 and 208-pounds, the possibilities are endless for Sean Fisher on the defensive side of the football in college. This past week he was in Lincoln for their summer camp.

"I was pretty happy with it (my performance)," Fisher said. "Especially given the fact that it's the first time that I have ever done a lot of that stuff."

While Fisher hadn't done a lot of the drills, he also didn't prepare a lot for some of the testing, but still performed very well. "As far as testing goes, I was a little disappointed with that. I wasn't real happy with how I tested."

The 40 time and the vertical jump were the two sore spots for Fisher. The time that Fisher turned in isn't something to turn your nose up at. There was a distinct difference in running surface.

"The 40 (yard dash). I ran a 4.65, which I guess is decent, but I have ran a 4.54 earlier on a track. We ran on turf down at Nebraska."

Another reason is because Fisher wasn't planning on running at a lot of camps, not like last year, and really didn't work on it a lot before attending camps this summer.

"I was obviously disappointed at that. I haven't worked real hard as far as 40's go as I did other years, mostly because I wasn't planning on doing a lot of camps."

While Fisher just left Lincoln from camp, he is heading back tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a little more one on one time and to talk defensive schemes.

"I am going down there tomorrow. I am going down to get a feel more for how they play that SAM backer and how I fit in the system. I want to get a chance to sit down and really talk with Coach Kevin Cosgrove a little bit."

Nebraska has instant validation for the SAM position with Stewart Bradley. Bradley was the starter at SAM the past two year at Nebraska and was a third round selection in the past NFL draft for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Fisher had taken the time to watch Bradley play the position in Lincoln. He acknowledged Bradley's success there and stated what he wants to do more as a SAM as opposed to what he doesn't want to do.

"Obviously it's an important position on the field when you watch it. He also accomplished some things while he was there playing SAM. He was successful."

"I think in some schemes you get to play in space quite a bit and in others you might be tied down a lot more and that is what I am not looking for. As a safety I play in a lot of space. I want to continue to do that."

News broke late last night that former Omaha (Nebr.) Millard North standout, Corey Young, had requested his release from Nebraska. Fisher said that he knew Corey, but that his departure wouldn't affect his opinion or the decision about attending Nebraska.

"As far as changing anything? No, I would say that it doesn't change anything at all. I know Corey from playing ball. He's been great to talk to about things while he has been down there."

"This doesn't change anything at all. I wish him well with what ever he does. I know that a lot of people would have liked to have seen him stay."

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