Sean Fisher: In his own words

Sean Fisher is about as well-spoken and intelligent as they come. That is obvious when it comes to him breaking down the recruiting process and his commitment. Many wondered why Fisher hadn't pounced on the Nebraska offer like so many others would. Fisher addressed that topic and many others with Big Red Report.

Sean Fisher raised the commitment total to nine for the Cornhuskers yesterday. The 6-foot-5 and 208-pound linebacker from Omaha (Nebr.) Millard North caught up with Big Red Report a day after his commitment.

Big Red Report - The night before you committed, when we spoke, you were going to Lincoln just to talk to the coaches. What made you change your mind?

Sean Fisher - Honestly, when I had talked to you that night a big part of me was planning on it (committing). It was just a big thing for me to keep it on the wraps and not let it get out before it was official.

I still wasn't positive that I wanted to commit and I didn't want to end up not committing while everyone thought that was the main reason why I was going down there.

I was trying to see what was best for me. It wasn't personal not to tell you or anyone else. I just wanted to see what was best for me.

The biggest thing for me was camp. Camp was really the deciding factor.

Big Red Report - What was it about camp that was the deciding factor?

Sean Fisher - Working with Kevin Cosgrove. I wanted to get down there, spend some time around him and see how he coached. I was really happy with it and how I got a chance to work with him.

Big Red Report - What did the coaches have to tell you about how you will be used in Lincoln and what the SAM does in their defense?

Sean Fisher - I think that I fit the system real well. They get to blitz quite a bit. I don't know a lot about how to blitz, but I am definitely willing to learn. It would be a lot of fin to do.

I really liked the description of the player that they have. You aren't stuck on the tight end on every play, like some other schools do.

Big Red Report - After the word spread a little bit after your commitment, what did you think about the media attention?

Sean Fisher - Obviously it was a busy day. I spoke to a lot of people, basically from the time I left Lincoln to the time that I got home. I spoke to various people.

The best thing about it was that after I committed down there it was great, I just felt part of the family talking to the coaches, and I just really felt great and part of the family.

I am just really excited to get a chance to go down there during the year, give it all I got and get to meet the rest of the guys.

Big Red Report - What will you spend the rest of your time doing this summer?

Sean Fisher - I will be at our school. We workout four days a week. We lift and we get out on the grass. We will do specific drills and camps every week.

That's really all I have for the summer. I don't have any other plans. Obviously I want to get to the season and I am excited about that.

Big Red Report - What are you going to tell the schools that continue to recruit you despite your commitment to Nebraska?

Sean Fisher - Basically, the people that are contacting me I will tell them thank you for recruiting me.

The biggest reason I waited, so many people were wondering why I haven't committed yet, I was waiting so I could take a look at everything.

That was so when I got to the point that when I wanted to commit that it would be official and final. Now that I am committed there won't be any changes at all.

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