Huskers offer physical, Texas TE

You can see ability although maybe an offense doesn't cater to it. This tight end from down in Houston had stats that were more like a tackle that got some tackle eligible plays than a tight end. He's done the most with it though and earned first team all-district honors for a tough district in Texas.

Jonathon Gimm has been busy recently on the camp scene. He actually had one this weekend and had hit two others on previous weekends. The 6-foot-2 and 232-pound tight end caught up with Big Red Report about his busy summer so far.

"Yeah I have been to a few camps already," Gimm said. "I have been to Oklahoma State and Oklahoma camps earlier. I just went to visit family and went to an Iowa camp too."

Gimm is holding a handful of offers. The latest he added to his total list of offers this weekend, while he was at camp in Iowa.

"I am up to five offers. I have offers from Kansas, Boise State, Nebraska, Rice and Louisiana Tech. The last one I got was from Nebraska this weekend and the first to offer me was Kansas."

Gimm was pretty excited to get the Nebraska offer. It's one of the more significant ones on his list. "Oh, wow it was real cool. I don't know, it's my biggest one yet and that is what makes it so cool."

Gimm knew a fair amount about Nebraska and how they utilize the tight end. One thing that has to be appealing to any tight end about Nebraska is that there are usually multiples of them on the field at any given time.

"I know they have multiple tight ends on the field at the same time. Usually there are two or more on the field at the same time. That would be great for me."

Gimm will admit that he doesn't get a lot of opportunities to catch the football at Westfield and that is fine. He does what he is asked to do and does it well, with a passion.

"I play physical. I just really like to get down, play strong and with power. I averaged 18 pancakes a game. I had about 130 pancakes last season."

"I had five receptions for 45 yards and no scores. I was a first team all-district selection. Westfield doesn't use the tight end as a receiver a lot. I am used more as a blocker."

Two coaches are the primary contacts for Gimm at Nebraska. He is getting contact from the head coach and he is also getting contacted by the tight ends coach. Gimm said that he will be contacting Nebraska soon.

"Coach Bill Callahan and Joe Rudolph have been the coaches that have been recruiting me for Nebraska. They have sent me a couple of letters, but I haven't had a chance to talk to them too much."

"I am actually going to call them tomorrow. I want to talk to them a little more, see how they are doing and really get more information out of them."

Gimm was one of the recruits that attended the combine in Dallas, plus he has been to three other camps. If he gets a chance, he said that he would like to schedule a trip to see Lincoln this summer.

"Yeah, that would be actually. I would really like to get up there to see how the place is. One thing that love about it is that their fans are crazy. I'd love to have that atmosphere. That would be nice. That would be cool."

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