Givens still heading for visit to Austin?

There have been a variety of questions about current Husker commit Bryce Givens. Is he going to Austin ? Has he already been to Austin ? Is he going to visit Florida ? Well, Givens was on a trip recently, but to neither place and he talked about just where his recruiting stands.

There's nothing like a rumor about a current commit to get the juices flowing. Well, that's probably putting it in a way which doesn't quite fit the current mind-set of Husker fans at least.

Let's go for mildly panicked.

After all, Givens now ranks as one of the top 70 players in the country according to the newly released rankings. So, you could understand Husker fans chomping on the nails a bit, wondering if the Longhorns or even the Gators were going to swoop in and steal one of Nebraska 's most prized recruits.

With Mullen High teammate and best friend Nolan Brewster already a Longhorn commit, the temptation was obvious. But after thinking about everything that he's going through, has been going through and just where he stands right now, Givens said that after thinking about it, he's came to a decision.

"I am not going down there now," Givens said of the unofficial visit to Texas . "I had thought about it, and while it would have been nice just to look at it, after talking with coaches and all that, I just figured that I wouldn't give anyone any reason to question what I am going to do.

I've been a Husker and that's what I am going to stay."

One of the events which perhaps was the imputes behind this melee' of fans wondering just how solid he was, was Texas losing two offensive linemen to transfer. Givens admitted at one point that it was interesting, and before all this recruiting stuff began, Texas was one school he said was one of his favorites.

But at the time of his commit to Nebraska , that situation with the linemen hadn't materialized and he saw everything he wanted to see in Lincoln . With all that in the back of his mind, Bryce thought that while he always believed he was going to be a Husker, after his initial commit, it might be good to make sure everyone out there knows.

"I was getting text messages asking me if I was in Austin , if I was going to Austin and just all kinds of stuff that wasn't even close to true," Bryce said. "I don't know where they come up with this stuff. But I guess just so everyone knows now what I am doing, I've been a Husker, I am a Husker and that's what I am going to stay."

Along with Givens , Nebraska boasts two more offensive linemen ranked in the top 100 in's new rankings. And both Trevor Robinson and Baker Steinkuhler are actually ranked in the top five at offensive guard.

That's a lot of luster for an offensive line group, which gets even better when you look at Dan Hoch, who stands as one of the better linemen in the Midwestern region. That and the potential of making the U.S. Army All-American game has Givens amped for the future. "That would be great to make that and if a bunch of us could make that game," Givens said of himself and his fellow Husker commits. "That would be great to play in that game. It's something you think about and hope will happen. I guess we'll just have to see."

With Givens now officially back in the fold, though, you could say he was never out of the fold, Husker fans can rest their frantic minds. Well, at least until the next recruiting drama presents itself.

I give it about a week, but it won't be Givens. Givens is a Husker to stay.

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