Hicks planning some trips

You like to have taller cornerbacks now to match up with receivers, but a growing trend is players in the secondary that can play either/or position. There are even some players that if they put on the weight would be scary out the outside linebacker positions. Stephan Hicks is one of those types of players.

The summer is going good for Stephan Hicks. He is spending his time working out and his team is playing seven on seven. There is one small thing about Whitehouse (Texas) seven on seven team though.

"Yeah, but I am not playing," Hicks said. "I had a hamstring injury from track and decided not to play. It's better now, but I am just working out."

Hicks isn't particularly into the recruiting scene. He hasn't gotten caught up on how many offers he has. Someone knows for sure. He just knows some of the list that have offered.

"Recruiting is going pretty good. I don't know how many total offers I am up to. My dad probably knows."

"I have offers from Nebraska, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Purdue, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State and some others. Nebraska and Texas A&M are probably two of the biggest offers. They are actually all big to me."

Like his number of offers, Hicks really just hasn't paid a lot of attention to recruiting. He will, but as of right now everything is open.

"I really haven't given it much thought. I try not to think about it. I just don't really have a favorite right now."

Things will start to take a little shape for Hicks as he takes an unofficial visit in July. He would like to visit some more schools, but he isn't sure who else he might see this summer.

"I know that I am going to Texas A&M on July 15. I would like to see them all this summer. I need to talk to my dad about the visits."

Nebraska has been steady after Hicks. He actually got some contact today from the coach at Nebraska and is talking about taking an official visit to Nebraska this fall.

"Things are going pretty good with Nebraska. I got a text from Coach Jordan today. I will probably need to take an official to Nebraska during the school year."

Nebraska is one school that is giving the option to Hicks as to which position he would like to play. While he has the option, he is pretty set on playing defense in college.

"The running back coach came to see me at my school, Coach Randy Jordan. We talked later on the phone and he asked me which side of the ball I wanted to play on."

"He just gave me an option. Nebraska really is interested in me to play either safety or running back. I would prefer to play safety."

There are other schools that are interested in hearing which position Hicks would like to play. Most like him on defense, it just depends where on defense.

"A lot of schools, like Texas A&M, Texas and Florida, have just asked me which position I would like to play. Most are between safety and cornerback. Some like me as an outside linebacker."

Hicks said that contact has heated up with a couple of schools, but both have yet to offer. "I don't have offers from Florida and Texas. They are just sending me letters and stuff."

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