Huskers hosting California JC TE

It's a bit of a story, but it's a good one. Nebraska has found a potential sleeper tight end at a California junior college. The Huskers are in need of a big body at the tight end position and they might have found their man. Nebraska is hosting this play-making tight end and caught up with Big Red Report to talk about his visit so far.

The latest with Nebraska recruiting is that Shaun Mohler was supposed to be on campus, but Nebraska is hosting a second California junior college player. Tyson Hetzer, a 6-foot-7 and 265-pound tight end from Citrus (Calif.) Junior College is in Lincoln as well.

"Yeah I am actually on my visit right now at Nebraska," Hetzer said. "Room service just came. I just got into my room actually."

It's been a long day and Hetzer sounds like the visit is going extremely well. Today was about the football program and tomorrow will be about the school.

"I am loving it so far. It's really cool. We went and saw the facilities today and tomorrow we are doing the campus. I am really liking it a lot."

Hetzer is well aware of the situation at the tight end position in Lincoln. There is a need for a big bodied tight end who can stretch the field.

"By bringing me in, it will be used a lot more. They want a guy that can stretch the field and things of that nature. They have three guys leaving and they are really needing a guy, next year."

At the tight end position, Hetzer is the complete package. He is 6-foot-7 and 265-pounds and has a 4.6/40. Hetzer thinks that his size and agility are two of his biggest strengths.

"It's definitely my route running and receiving. My agility and my size is definitely a plus. I can create mismatches. That is why Nebraska is so interested in my and from my film they liked."

Out of high school, Hetzer was destined to play college football. After a year in junior college, he transferred to take a shot at playing football. A semester there and Hetzer is back on the West Coast and dedicated to playing on the grid iron.

"I went to high school at Anderson (Calif.) Anderson Heights. I went to play basketball at Shasta (Calif.) College. I transferred to North Alabama to play football and red shirted there last semester."

"Football was really my passion and I really wanted to play football when I transferred. I transferred back to Citrus (Calif.) this semester. I have not played a down of college football yet."

With not having played a down of college football, Hetzer sent tape to Nebraska that he had. It was from one semester at Citrus. "I sent them my spring film from Citrus."

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