What ACTUALLY happened?

Nebraska might be the only offer that Tyson Hetzer has, he isn't throwing his nose up at it. He was in Lincoln this past week for an official visit with his father and came away impressed. While it was originally reported Hetzer committed, it turned out to be a false call and he had additional information on that as well.

While Nebraska fans were hoping that commit information was true about Tyson Hetzer, it wasn't, but rest assured he came away from Lincoln very, very impressed. The 6-foot-7 and 265-pound tight end from Citrus (Calif.) College was headed home.

"This morning I was just jumping on the plane as I was talking," Hetzer said. "So, do you mean did I verbally commit? No. They didn't even ask me."

"I didn't tell them (Nebraska) anything. I was going to wait before I told them. They just want a decision from me in the next couple of week is all. I am still thinking about it."

So the story about the commitment was done because it was said and at the same time wasn't totally understood. The gravity of the words "I commit" to a recruiting service is sometimes a golden ticket.

"He asked me and I think that I did say that I did (commit). Right after that, I think that I said I am still thinking about it and I might commit. I keep forgetting, I don't know, that it's a big deal. People keep asking me about it."

Hetzer voiced some displeasure in the idea that the story might have been reported accurately and then mocked by others. "Oh man, I didn't know it was going to be like that at all. I didn't know that was going to be said."

Hetzer came away very impressed with the situation in Lincoln. The people of the University of Nebraska are what made the visit so great to Hetzer.

"The biggest thing that liked was the people there. They were great to me. Of course the facilities are incredible and I knew that was going to be the case. The people and the feelings of everyone there were the best. The coaches were really great to me."

Hetzer's father was with Tyson in Lincoln. Tyson's father is a former football coach and he came away impressed with the situation for his son.

"My dad was with me in Lincoln. He thinks of it as the best situation as what I could possibly get. He just likes the fact that the coaches and the school are there to help you and are there to make things easier on you."

"He loves the academic situation there. You really have to try and fail there. There is just so much support there."

Tyson might be closer to a commitment story then not. He just needs a bit of a sign. "There is really not too much decide. Right now, I just need to feel it in my heart to know that it's right."

The sign might be coming in the next week or two and one has to wonder if what Hetzer saw in Lincoln was enough to commit? Does this really come down to Nebraska basically just lying in wait for that call?

"Oh yeah, that was more than enough. One of the quarterbacks that is there was hanging out with me the whole weekend. He is from Southern California too and he said that it was just great there and having a good time. Only good can come out of me going out there to play football."

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