Huskers will host Texas CB in July

If there is a fad around cornerbacks, and defensive backs in general, it might be size. Receivers are getting taller and while you can still have explosiveness in the vertical jump, nothing helps you match up well more than size. Nebraska has their eyes set on a tall cornerback from Texas and he is set to see Lincoln in July.

One of the faster rising names in the state of Texas has to be Junior Okpara. The 6-foot-1 and 180-pound cornerback from Sugar Land (Texas) Dulles is up to a double-digit offer total.

"I am up to 10 written offers," Okpara said. "One of them is in the mail. My favorites would probably be Arkansas, Nebraska, Boston College, Virginia and Oklahoma State."

The original thought for Okpara was to commit this summer, but it's gotten a little more complicated. The success that Okpara has received in terms of offers will probably keep him from committing until the end of the summer.

"I wanted to commit by late to mid-July, but I want to visit all of the schools that I am interested in. I want to make my visits because I am going to be there four to five years."

Okpara has unofficial visit set up for the summer. He has four visits planned and another pending. "I don't have any camp plans, but that might change in the future. As of right now, I have four unofficial visits set up already."

"I have a visit to Michigan State, Nebraska, Arkansas and Virginia. I am not sure about Oklahoma State yet. I don't know if I will visit there."

The date to visit Nebraska is rapidly approaching. Okpara knows plenty about Nebraska and knows that he is really interested in looking into the academics portion of the school.

"I will be going to Nebraska. I will be arriving there on July 6. They are a powerhouse school. It also has a big football name."

"There is a lot of tradition there and they good facilities. I don't know too much about their academics yet. I want to look into their majors."

Okpara has been in fairly constant contact with the coach that is recruiting him from Nebraska. Okpara is looking forward to the trip to verify some of the things that he has been told about Lincoln.

"I am already in good with the recruiting coach, Ted Gilmore. He has been texting me a lot and telling me about their tradition, how they coach and how things are run."

"It seems like a place that I could be comfortable and get along with everyone really well. I need to get there this summer and find out for myself."

Besides the upcoming trips, Okpara will be busy with passing league and still might be going to some camps. "Besides those trips I will be doing 7 on 7 and working out all summer. I still might try and get to a camp or two."

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