Huskers pushing hard for Michigan duo

More often than not, package deals are sometimes identified early in the process, but in the end don't seem to work out. Top teams change. Feelings change on different schools. Regardless, this pair from Michigan seem intent to play on the same field beyond high school. Nebraska is one of those mutual teams that they share.

There has been a lot of talk lately about Nebraska's recent push for Michigan standouts and teammates, Jonas Gray and Kenny Demens. Gray, a 5-foot-11 and 214-pound running back admitted that Nebraska is pushing hard and he is responding.

"I was actually just on the phone with Coach Bill Callahan," Gray said. "He's a great guy. I love coach."

"I definitely like Nebraska, a lot. I get a lot of love from their fans. I think that says a lot about their fan support there in Lincoln."

Nebraska is getting some help from a key commitment in the 2008 class. "It's just a great football team and they are having a great recruiting class. I spoke to Blaine Gabbert before in the past about Nebraska."

Gabbert has been telling Gray all about Lincoln. "He told me about the school, what he likes about it and why he likes it. I definitely like Nebraska a lot."

"Gabbert started calling me about a week after he committed. That meant a lot to me. I know that I am a guy that players would like to be around."

Nebraska is also interested in getting a pair from Beverly Hills (Mich.) Detroit County Day High School. The pair think that their future is together on the college gridiron too.

"Kenny Demens and I are both holding offers from Nebraska. We have talked about playing college football together and I think that is pretty much a done deal."

"The only way we wouldn't would be if the last minute a school comes in to change his mind. It might also work out that our one and two would switch up."

"Those are really the only ways that would happen, to not play college football together. As of right now I believe that we are."

Both Demens and Gray are set to visit Nebraska, officially, in September. "I already sent my official visit, with Kenny Demens, and I am doing that the 14th of September for the USC game."

Before the official visit, Gray said that he would like to make it to Lincoln for an unofficial visit. "I haven't set up an unofficial visit, but I will be going there this summer for sure. It will either be the middle or the end of July."

Besides Gabbert, Gray has been contacted by Doug Rippy. Rippy is another Nebraska commitment that knows Gray personally. "Yep, Doug is a good friend of mine. We met at the combine in San Antonio for the Army combine. We kind of hung out."

"I knew a guy that had transferred to his school and we just kind of hit it off that way. He's just a great guy. I talked to Doug the day that he committed to Nebraska. He says to me exactly the same things that Blaine Gabbert says."

Gabbert and Rippy don't really pressure Gray, they just try and lay out the facts. Some might think that it might be annoying, but to Gray it demonstrates how bad they want him to join them.

"Doug says that the situation is self-explanatory and says to look around the country and the offers that I have, it couldn't be a better situation at Nebraska."

"He also says that the recruiting class that Nebraska has coming in, that it couldn't be a better situation. That's for me and Kenny. Doug doesn't really try to recruit me, but whenever he talks to the coaches he tells me about it and all of the positives about it."

"He is persuasive, I'll give him that. He's does it in a way where he's not trying to be persuasive, but he is. I like it though."

Many would label Gray a power back, but he wouldn't. The power back tag limits him a little too much. Gray has the ability to run you over or run around you.

"I don't think that I would do that. I wouldn't say that I am like Adrian Peterson, because I don't have the same height, but I have power and speed."

Gray admits that he likes the idea of his abilities in the West Coast Offense under the direction of Bill Callahan. "I get really excited. When I think that I have a chance to play in an offense that is tailored for a player like me, I get really excited."

"I think that I fit into every type of offense. I can go out there and catch the ball, I am a very good blocker and of course I can run. I also think about what kind of a guy Coach Callahan is, he is a great guy, I really like him a lot. I really respect him as a coach."

Bill Callahan has been in recent contact with Gray, but their running backs coach talked to Gray yesterday too. "I also spoke to Coach Randy Jordan yesterday for about an hour. I got to know a lot of things about him that a lot of people don't even know."

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