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The Huskers are looking to fill at least two more spots in their 2008 class with linebackers. Nebraska was hosting one of their top rated linebackers left on their board. He was in Lincoln today to check out what Nebraska had to offer. Compton gave Big Red Report the word about his trip to Nebraska.

Nebraska has had a lot of success lately bringing in visitors this past couple of weeks. The latest is Will Compton from Bonne Terre (Mo.) North County and he enjoyed the visit, thoroughly.

"It was awesome, amazing," Compton said. "Everything was awesome, I thought. It was an all-around great trip."

"I loved their facilities; their players' lounge, their indoor facility, the field, their tunnel walk on the red carpet and the coaches were awesome."

Compton traveled up to Nebraska with the entire family, plus one. While Will was there to see about football, the brother and his friend were there to check out wrestling.

"I traveled up there with my mom, dad, brother and his teammate from Team Missouri. They are both wrestlers and they visited with the wrestling coach. They are both very good wrestlers."

The wrestling program will be in the back of Will's mind when it comes to his decision, but it will be talked about and there is some desire for the brothers to attend the same school.

"It won't have an effect on my decision, we will talk about it, and I will go someplace that has a pretty decent wrestling program."

"My parents want us to go to the same school and I will talk to Cody about it. If Cody goes, then so will his buddy the next year."

If Will were to commit to Nebraska, the fringe benefit would be that the Nebraska wrestling team would be in a position for two, highly rated wrestlers already in their very short prep careers.

"They are both highly rated wrestlers. My brother is just a junior and he is nationally rated. The teammate will just be a sophomore and he's that caliber too."

"They both went 9-0 through nationals. They are two of just a few guys that did that all the way through nationals. They are very good wrestlers."

If there was one thing that Will needed to get a better understanding for was how Nebraska intended to use him in their defense. Will wants to play MIKE, but Nebraska likes him outside. Will liked what he heard from Nebraska.

"We sat down for a while and talked about that. Coach Kevin Cosgrove still wants me at the WILL position and that is something that I am totally satisfied with now."

"The WILL out there, in their scheme, is like the weak, inside linebacker. They shift around to the strong side, to the SAM, and he will stay outside and most times be down on the line."

"The WILL and the MIKE pretty much stay together and stay in the box. Sometimes the WILL will go down to blitz, but pretty much with my athletic ability they want me to make plays and stay off blocks."

It's not time for The Compton's to head home quite yet. There is one more stop before heading back to Missouri. "No we are not on our way home. We are on our way to Iowa. We have another unofficial to do tomorrow."

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