Prater set for visit this week

While many players play multiple sports, few are as talented in different sports that are so different as Kyle Prater. Prater is a division one prospect in football and in baseball. It seems that the idea for Prater's college career will consist of him playing both too at the next level. Prater will be on campus this week to see both baseball and football in Lincoln.

Nebraska is looking to take an armload of linebackers this year. The projected number could be as many as six. Kyle Prater has been on Nebraska's radar now for close to two years.

The 6-foot-2 and 215-pound linebacker from Kerrville (Texas) Tivy will be traveling north for Nebraska later this week. "We are taking off for Lincoln on Wednesday morning," Prater's father said. "We will get there about 7:00 on Wednesday night."

"We don't come back from Lincoln until Saturday. He did two days at LSU and Oklahoma, so we are doing two days on this one. We are going to try and get the full experience there."

Prater and his family have been in constant contact with multiple Nebraska coaches. The structure of the visit for the Prater's will be much like that of an official visit, except this trip is on the Prater's tab.

"We spoke to Coach Phil Elmassian, Coach Kevin Cosgrove and Coach Bill Callahan and we talked about the visit. They said that everything will be set up like an official visit."

"Kyle will meet with the football and the baseball staffs, because he is looking at playing baseball too. They will have the academic advisors there too and he will hang out with the players for a couple of nights too."

The schedule seems hectic for just two days, but Prater's father is used to being busy considering Kyle's baseball season. "It will be busy. It will be kind of a break from baseball. We just got back in town the other day from one of his baseball tournaments."

Nebraska has been on the trail for Prater now for going on two years. "Coach Elmassian is the one that came down last year and this year. He is the one recruiting him. Coach Cosgrove is talking to him because he's a linebacker."

Nebraska has three linebacker recruits, of which most of them can play multiple linebacker positions, but Prater is being targeted for a specific spot. "They are looking at Kyle to play the outside linebacker position. I think that it will be to play the WILL position."

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