Huskers getting some help with McGuffie

There aren't many high school seniors, if any, that have become a bigger "buzz word" than San McGuffie. When someone mentions McGuffie it's almost in Superman proportion. They talk about an explosive running back that has the ability to hurdle his defenders. It would be one thing if it was fiction, but McGuffie and his abilities are as real as it gets.

At 5-foot-11.5 and 195-pounds, Sam McGuffie is a highlight tape waiting to happen. He runs a legit 4.3/40, and even in the 4.2s occasionally, that to go with a 45-inch vertical jump.

Don't believe the measureables? McGuffie has posterized some opponents by not running around them or through them, but by jumping over them. The clips add a bit to the legend that is the Houston (Texas) Cy-Fair running back.

This summer, McGuffie is getting ready for his senior year and probably unlike anyone else in the nation. There is one day of rest, but he gets 10 workouts in a week on the other six days.

"I am just working out," McGuffie said. "I work out twice, four times a week; once in the morning and again in the afternoon. Then, I just regularly workout six days a week and rest on Sunday."

What is even more impressive about McGuffie is his desire to workout. It's not like all of these workouts are mandated or even monitored, he just loves to do them.

"This is all on my own. We have a strength and conditioning program and I have two sessions. I lift and run in the morning then I take six hours of rest and I have a guy that helps me train and we work out for a couple more hours."

Last season for Cy-Fair, McGuffie ran for 3,212 yards rushing and 44 touchdowns from his running back position. He earned all-state, offensive player of the year, all-district, district MVP and first team all-greater Houston as a junior.

"Pretty much everything that I could get, I got. I got like 25 individual awards. I didn't get best player of the year in the whole state or anything, but I pretty much got everything else. I got everything that I could as a junior."

McGuffie has been out to one camp so far this summer, but that is probably the only trip that he will be able to take. It's hard to schedule and fund those types of visits.

"I don't any trips planned this summer. I would like to take some trips, but I just won't be able to. It's kind of hard. I might have to wait until I have my official visits to see any schools."

"I did go out to the Nike camp at Colorado. I think that I did pretty well. I just wanted to go out there show them what I could do as a player. Also, I wanted to be out there without the helmet and pads and just compete."

Bottom line, McGuffie doesn't have to get out to get the word out about him as a player. He holds offers from the likes of USC, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Oklahoma and Nebraska among others. He remains wide open because each offer complicates things a bit more.

"I am up to 30 offers or so. I haven't thought about my favorites at all. I am just soaking it up right now. I was going to make a decision by the time the summer was over, but the more the schools come in the harder it gets."

On the field McGuffie just gets the job done. He is the go to guy for Cy-Fair. Whatever his team needs, he is called on and says that he can get what is asked of him on the field.

"I would say my strengths is just my play-making ability. I can get things done. We need 10 yards, I get 11. We need a touchdown, I get a touchdown. If we're losing by a score or short by a yard, I am going to get it."

Having that type of play-making ability is why McGuffie has become a popular target among Nebraska commitments to call and talk about Nebraska. Blaine Gabbert has been active in trying to convince McGuffie to come to Lincoln.

"Gabbert has been texting me. He has been telling me that they have something going at Nebraska and that I should check it out. He's a good guy. He's a five star in my eyes. He's probably the best dual-threat quarterback in the nation."

Gabbert is widely considered one of the top quarterback prospects in the nation and knowing that says something to McGuffie. "It makes me feel good. I want to be recognized, and not badly, and I think that is why Gabbert is contacting me trying to get me up to Nebraska with him."

McGuffie is also sharing some correspondence with another Nebraska commitment, Bryce Givens. Givens and McGuffie have met and hung out during a camp this summer. McGuffie also thinks that having Givens after him is pretty nice too.

"I spent some time with Bryce Givens out in Colorado. He was telling me about Nebraska's fan base, their tradition, great facilities, great coaching and the whole nine yards."

"I like Nebraska, I think that everyone likes Nebraska to some extent. Givens is a great guy too. 6-foot-6 and he's a real technician on the offensive line. He loves to compete."

While McGuffie would like to visit Nebraska this summer, it's probably going to have to wait for an official visit. McGuffie hasn't decided on who he will officially visit, but Nebraska is definitely in the running for one of those five visits.

"I don't think that I will get a chance to get up to Nebraska this summer for an official visit. That is what official visits are for and I might just take one to see Nebraska."

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