Prater says all three visits were "10s"

Going into the week, Kyle Prater might have been thinking to himself that no way is Lincoln going to compare to Norman or Baton Rouge. Unfortunately, he was wrong. He's happened to say that the time before too, before going to Norman after seeing Baton Rouge. So, what's next for Kyle Prater and when might be decide?

Another week, another standout recruit was in Lincoln for an unofficial visit. Kyle Prater, linebacker from Kerrville (Texas) Tivy, took the time to travel up to Nebraska for an unofficial visit.

"The trip went good," Prater said. "We just got into Austin and got into the car. We drove to Austin and flew out. We flew out Wednesday and just got back."

"It was a good trip. We got to see everything that I hoped to see. I got to meet all of the others coaches and everything was the same, pretty much, as the other places."

The "other places" are LSU and Oklahoma, both of which Prater visited prior to seeing Lincoln. Like the others, Prater had expectations only to have the reality far exceed those expectations.

"It was pretty impressive, from what I could tell, so have all the schools. They all have the "wow factor" going for them. You expect so much out of them and you always get more than you expect."

One of the things that Prater liked about his visit to Nebraska was the academic support and success that Nebraska has enjoyed. He found out in Lincoln that beyond just all-Americans on the field that Nebraska has equal success in the classroom.

"I would tell you that they have a great academic situation going there. They are one of the top in the Big 12, if not the top, in academics. They have tons of top eight award winners and academic all-Americans. They are real proud of that."

If there is a thing that might be hanging over the head of Nebraska was the difficulty of getting there, and the time, from where Prater lives. While Nebraska was very comfortable to Prater and he could see himself going there, distance might be a key part in his decision.

"I am probably going to take it a little more into account now after taking so many hours to get up there and so many hours to get home. Sometimes it's just more convenient to be closer to home."

"Overall, Nebraska is a very comfortable place. I can't tell you that I wouldn't go there because of distance. I think that there is something about being at a school closer to home if something were to happen. Nebraska is a great school and I could see myself going there."

The three unofficial visits for Prater are all about equal and all earned the highest grade. Every time, the next visit seemed to equal the previous one and it just really surprised Prater all the way through the process.

"I would rate all of the visits a "10", really. First, I went to LSU and I thought 'Wow, I can't imagine a visit going too much better, I'll probably end up going to this school'."

"Then I take a trip up to Oklahoma and say 'Well, I am kind of confused now. I didn't really expect it to be that good'. Then you go to Nebraska and you say 'Another great school, another great place and there's no doubt about it'."

The idea this summer was to find some time to take some trips and come to an early decision. He has made those trips and is now stuck trying to figure out which was best and where he felt the most comfortable.

"Hopefully after getting these few visits in I can get to a decision before the season starts. What I am going to try do right now is figure out the most comfortable place and if not then I won't have any problem taking my official visits."

Prater was also in Lincoln to see the baseball facilities. Prater would like to play both sports in college and he came away very impressed with Nebraska's baseball facilities.

"I thought it was great. They have real nice facilities and a great stadium, it kind of reminds me of a stadium down in San Antonio. It's pretty much one of the best in the country."

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