Huskers look good to Ohio DT

Nebraska is still looking for at least two, interior defensive lineman to be part of the 2008 recruiting class. After graduating an entire defensive line this past year, Nebraska targets immediate help from junior college players. Now, Nebraska has to set it's eyes on developing talent and depth for years to come along the defensive line.

Jerel Worthy is becoming an increasingly popular name in recruiting circles. The 6-foot-3 and 285-pound defensive tackle from Huber Heights (Ohio) Wayne is doing some traditional and non-traditional football training this summer.

"I have been doing a lot of training," Worthy said. "I have been training at the school, with the football team, and again with my Yoga instructor."

"It's to improve my flexibility and to prevent injury. I am working on it a lot. It helps me with my ankles and knees. I have been doing it since before my junior year."

Yoga and football usually don't occupy space in the same sentence, but that doesn't mean that it's not a good combination. Worthy has had a lot of success doing Yoga and then playing football.

"It's worked. It's helped me a lot. I know that I wasn't as flexible before the beginning of my last season. My coach hired an instructor for the team and this year I have been taking personal lessons."

Worthy has a couple of camps coming up. After these two camps, or visits, he hopes that he will have enough information to get him through to when the football season starts so he can trim his list.

"I have a Michigan State and Purdue camp coming up. Hopefully, I will go to those camps and get into the season. I would then like to look at my list of top schools."

Worthy is up to a nice total number of offers ranging from the MAC to the Big 12. "I have seven offers. They are from Nebraska, Cincinnati, Marshall, Akron, Ohio, Western Michigan and Eastern Michigan."

When Worthy really considers a school he has a couple of things that he asks about first. His parents are equally interested in some things from the college coaches that they speak with.

"I look at the coaching staff first. I want to know if the coaches are going to be there for me. I like to question the recruiting coaches about this stuff."

"My parents always question the coaches about academics. They also want to know if I get injured will my scholarship still be in place? Lots of stuff like that."

"I am going to be there for the next four to five years. I look at the coaches, the program, the players and I try to interact with the players to see how they are. I look at location too."

Nebraska was set to host Worthy this summer at one of their camps. However, things just couldn't get ironed out for Worthy and his travel to Lincoln, but he's definitely considering Nebraska for an official visit.

"I was planning a trip to go out there for their camp, but then we had a set back and I wasn't able to make it out there. I have been talking to my recruiting coach and he's talking about bringing me out on an official visit."

While Nebraska wasn't able to host Worthy and his family, to show them the campus and the facilities, they have still made a good impression on the defensive tackle through the answers of the Worthys' questions.

"When my family and I went through our list of questions for Nebraska the recruiting coach seemed to have the best answers for a lot of our questions that we had asked. They will probably be one of my official visits."

"Coach Joe Rudolph is the coach that is recruiting. Coach Rudolph is one of the best coaches of one our strength and conditioning coaches. Coach Rudolph was also just at Ohio State, so that helps out a lot."

Coach Rudolph coaches the tight ends at Nebraska, but Worthy has had some correspondence with the defensive line coach at Nebraska. "Coach Buddy Wyatt and I have been talking through a lot of letters. Coach Wyatt wants us to come out there and see him. It's not a cheap trip though."

Worthy is looking at a few teams already that will probably make the cut on his list of favorites. "I still like Ohio State. I am really interested in Nebraska. I know that Cincinnati is a team that I am really taking interest in."

Ohio State hasn't offered, but that doesn't mean that Worthy doesn't think highly of them. Worthy feels that he has some connections to the Buckeyes and that he can earn an offer.

"I think that I have got a good chance because of the connections that I have. I just want to show Ohio State that I am a big time player and that I can play up there with them."

"I talk to Marcus Freeman about every day. He's like one of my mentors, really. He just tells me to keep working hard and he keeps my confidence up."

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