Shaun Mohler: In his own words

The Huskers nabbed a big commitment when Shaun Mohler left Lincoln a Husker. There is an immediate need for players at any and all linebacker spots. Mohler will more than likely be brought in to play at one of the outside positions. Mohler took the time to discuss his commitment, why he chose Nebraska and what he's doing this summer.

Shaun Mohler has become a key piece to this year's recruiting class for Nebraska. The 6-foot-3 and 225-pound Mohler put together quite the season last year at Orange Coast, over 100 tackles, despite only playing half the downs. Mohler talks about becoming a Husker.

BRR - How have things been for you since you returned to California after your commitment to Nebraska?

Shaun Mohler - They have been really good. Our football has started for Orange Coast. I have been doing that and summer school.

BRR - Are you doing team-related, conditioning workouts?

Shaun Mohler - Yeah, we are working out as a team doing some seven on seven. We are just in shorts and shirts, so it's nothing too big. It's a chance to get out there and run around again.

BRR - On your visit to Nebraska, what were some of the things you liked about Lincoln?

Shaun Mohler - The coaches, for one. All of them. They are awesome. Also their facilities. They are unbelievable. I hung out with all of the guys and they are all real nice and stuff. They were all down to Earth. The people that are there are all about football and that's what I want.

BRR - Were you surprised, overall, with how the visit went and how good it was?

Shaun Mohler - Yeah, I was actually. It was very good.

BRR - It's been said that you might have wanted to stay closer to home at first with your decision, but there is another story that says that you might have wanted to play in the Big 12 conference?

Shaun Mohler - My mom wanted me to stay close to home and I did want to play in the Big 12.

BRR - What makes you want to jump into the Big 12 conference? What do you like about that conference?

Shaun Mohler - Teams in that conference run the ball more. That is good for me because I am that kind of guy. In the PAC 10 they do throw a lot more. I think that the Big 12 style suits me better, for how I play.

BRR - When you had a chance to sit down and talk to the defensive coaches at Nebraska, what did they tell you about how they want to use you when you get to Lincoln?

Shaun Mohler - They want me to play outside linebacker. What we run at Orange Coast is very similar to what Nebraska runs. They do a lot of blitzing and it's basically what I do now. They just want me to do the same thing that I have been doing.

BRR - How do you see yourself fitting in there? Do you think that you could excel in that type of situation?

Shaun Mohler - Oh yeah. Their defense is tough. I really like it.

BRR - Last year at Orange Coast you put up some amazing numbers, but what some people might not realize is that you only played about half of the total snaps last year.

Shaun Mohler - We were alternating every two series. I am going to be playing full-time last year.

BRR - How many tackles did you have again playing half-time? Wasn't it 90-some?

Shaun Mohler - It was 108 counting the bowl game.

BRR - What is the goal this year? If you are on the field twice as much, how many tackles do you think you could end up with this year?

Shaun Mohler - It's going to be a lot. I am not sure. That's all I know.

BRR - That's if they run towards you.

Shaun Mohler - Yeah, if they run towards me. I might have to change my number or something.

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