Cox says that there is still a leader

For a while now, C.J. Cox has been saying that his list is three schools. Each one has it's own merits according to Cox and he has done a lot of research on all three schools. However, one team is still out in front of the other two because of the efforts of the recruiting coach and that he thinks that school will make him the best player he can possibly be.

C.J. Cox has been going through team workouts and using the weekend to recuperate the best that he can. The 5-foot-11 and 190-pound safety from Garland (Texas) North is working on three areas of his game.

"I have been working out," Cox said. "During the weekdays we have team workouts that I have to attend. On the weekends I am just trying to relax."

"It's a program thing in the summer for the team. It has conditioning, agility and strength as part of the program. I want to be better at all three parts."

Recruiting is still pretty much the same for Cox. It's the same three teams, but the timeframe to commit has been pushed out a bit. Cox is eyeing a date following the season now after he can take some trips.

"Right now is still Nebraska, Oklahoma State and Wisconsin. Nebraska is still leading. I am not going to commit until around Christmas time. I want to take my visits to make sure I make the right decision."

Cox is looking to take at least one unofficial this summer, because it's relatively close. The two other favorites will have to wait because they aren't as close as the other.

"Yeah, I probably will make a trip to Oklahoma State to see them practice later this month. Since Nebraska and Wisconsin are a little further away those will probably be official visits. I will also take an official to Oklahoma State."

Cox is encouraged about Oklahoma State's future and will have a friend on the team this year. "They are a young team and they are rising up. My friend is about to go there, actually he's there now, and that would be good to have someone there. My friend is Hubert Anyiam."

Cox recently did some research on Wisconsin and is surprised at their consistency. "Wisconsin has been pretty good the past 10 or 20 years. I didn't know that they were that good until I went back at their past years and saw what they did. They are a pretty good program and the coach is pretty cool."

The tradition at Nebraska has caught Cox's eye and the recruiting coach is working C.J. and his parents. "It's the tradition there and their coach, Coach Randy Jordan. Coach Jordan makes me feel like Nebraska is the place to be, that I will be comfortable there and it's going to be like home. He's real down to Earth and spoke to my parents. We have a good relationship."

The edge for Nebraska really comes down to their tradition that they have and that he knows that they will make him the best player he could possibly be. "Basically the tradition that they have. I know that the coaches that Nebraska has up there will get the most out of you and use all of your potential."

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