A Lincoln visit still in fold for Reed?

Nebraska has been able to dip into Kansas to get an athlete or two over the past five years or so. In the class of 2004, Lance Brandenburgh from Overland Park (Kans.) St. Thomas Aquinas inked with Nebraska and last year Blake Lawrence from Shawnee Mission (Kans.) West inked with Nebraska. The Huskers are eyeing another from the Sunflower State.

The month of July was supposed to be the first time Kyler Reed was going to get out and take any visits. The 6-foot-2 and 215-pound athlete from Overland Park (Kans.) St. Thomas Aquinas confirmed that at least one visit is a go this month.

"Yeah, we did talk about it," Reed said. "I might be going up to Northwestern on the weekend of July 21. Besides that, I don't really have anything."

One school that Reed said previously that he was interested in visiting was Nebraska. It seems that Nebraska might still get a visit if the timing of his and his father's work schedules work out.

"Yeah, I will probably drive up there to Nebraska sometime. I don't know when yet. I don't know when he and I are both off of work right now. Hopefully that will be in late July."

"It will be after Northwestern in late July, hopefully. I haven't talked to Coach Kevin Cosgrove about it. I think that he said that he would be up there during that time."

One might conclude that since Reed is going to visit Northwestern first that they are the leader. No doubt about it, Reed likes them a lot, but he is hesitant to call anyone a leader yet.

"Yeah, I like them. I don't really want to say that I have a leader because I haven't been there or to Nebraska. I would think of them as one of the top teams."

One thing that might get discussed in Lincoln, if Reed visits, is the possibility of playing wide receiver as opposed to linebacker. Reed hasn't played defense since he was a freshman.

"I might. I am thinking about that. I really like playing receiver and I don't know how I am going to do or like playing linebacker since I haven't done it for a while."

"Coach Cosgrove did tell me that he could talk to the offensive coaches to see what they thought about my film. I might open up that discussion up there."

The fact that Nebraska likes Reed as a linebacker doesn't hurt them overall. Reed is very open to playing defense and says that he might really like playing defense, full-time, this fall.

"Not necessarily. I am open to linebacker. I just haven't played it in a while. I don't really care what I play when I get there. I am going to wait until the season gets going to see how I like it."

Nebraska has a couple of former, prep linebackers from the state of Kansas. Blake Lawrence signed with Nebraska last year and Lance Brandenburgh is a senior this year for Nebraska. Reed hasn't spoken to either of them recently about Nebraska.

"I don't talk with Blake with any frequency. We will talk and he'll just say what's up or something. We don't talk a lot. I haven't spoken to Lance Brandenburgh yet."

Reed is working at his job and is working out. He says that there is a team program, four times a week plus they have passing league once a week.

"Our weights program is keeping me busy. That is four times a week. We also have a seven on seven league every Monday. I am just lifting and playing catch."

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