Gray sees it all in Lincoln

The visit to Lincoln for Jonas Gray was a very big one. He had been on some trips this summer already to some of the nation's best schools. Still, he was told that the best was yet to come in Lincoln. With the highest expectations, Gray went into Lincoln and still couldn't believe what he saw.

Jonas Gray wasn't in Lincoln, Nebr. overnight, but that didn't take away from the overall experience in Lincoln. Gray left for Nebraska on Monday and was back in Michigan this morning.

"We got back in about 11:00 this morning," Gray said. "We drove out of Lincoln last night after we got done."

Gray traveled there with family that is very important to his decision. "I went there with my uncle and my mom."

Gray has seen Michigan State, his leader going into Nebraska, Louisville, Notre Dame and Ohio State among others. In comparison to those schools, Nebraska fared well.

"It definitely was the best visit that I have taken to any college. I was just the way that everything went. Louisville and Michigan State were good, but Nebraska was the best."

Gray said that there were a couple of key things for him that stood out about the visit to Nebraska over the other schools. "It was basically the facilities and the people. Everything was just great."

The parents are important when seeing a school further away than others. It's important to know that at a school further away that their child will get the right attention and will be comfortable.

"My mom definitely loved it. She was very comfortable there. She knows that I can make Lincoln my home; my home away from home."

Going into the visit to Nebraska, Michigan State was the leader for Gray. After the visit to Lincoln it appears that things might change, but Gray isn't quite sure just how, yet.

"I really don't know what this does. I'm going to take some time off. I am going to tray and take everything in and just think about things. Maybe, I might be ready for a summer decision."

One of the ways that Gray is planning on taking some time off is by leaving the country. Gray is going to do some missionary work outside of the country as part of a youth leadership group.

"I am going to Costa Rica. We will be heading to Earth University to do a lot of community service and learn about agriculture stuff."

"We are going to be doing a lot of agriculture work, working in the local school and helping their school out. I will be paired up with someone that speaks Spanish from there. I have about fours years of Spanish."

Gray said that while he must take some time off to think about things, one of the biggest things about his trip to Lincoln was that it exceeded expectations. Expectations that included that he would already be amazed.

"Honestly, my expectation about Lincoln was that I would be amazed. The visit went better than what I thought it would. I really learned a lot. I got to see the facilities and learned a lot about the academic situation in Lincoln."

When Gray returns from Costa Rica his teammate, Kenny Demens, will be coming back to Michigan from Lincoln. Kenny will be visiting Lincoln on July 30th. It's a definite that the two will get together to compare notes about Lincoln shortly after Demens' return from Lincoln.

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