Nebraska nabs a big one, the next Husker

Call the second visit an affirmation of sorts for the recruit and, of course, for the family. But that's what it took and now, as they say, the rest is history. Nebraska continues to add luster to an already illustrious class as D.J. Woods is the next future Husker.

When any young recruit takes a second visit to a school which isn't inside their own state, that tells you there is an obvious amount of interest. For D.J. Woods, that was putting it mildly. But his mom hadn't seen it and because their last experience was basically a one-day deal, there was still so much to learn.

It didn't take long, though, before D.J. knew he found the right place. "I got to see the academic center and talk to the strength and conditioning coach and my mom got to see everything too," D.J. said. "It was just everything I already knew, but all that made my decision an easy one to be a Husker."

This decision didn't come overnight, though. After many visits, some soul searching and thinking about what he wanted, he said that Nebraska had a little of everything, along with everything he needed as well. But it also didn't hurt that one of his most intense friends as of late is going to Nebraska as well. "Blaine and I talk about every single day," Woods said of quarterback commit Blaine Gabbert. "He's such a character, but to know that I am going with the best quarterback in the country, that's pretty nice too."

There's still a year to go for D.J., and he knows that it's one where he wants to go out in style, Strongsville looking like a particularly strong team this up-coming season. That is another positive about making the decision now, because now he can just be himself. "It's done and it's like a thousand pounds off my shoulders and I just concentrate on school and concentrate on my final season," he said. "It's going to be great just to think about that and then after that, I will think about my time as a Husker."

D.J.'s dad won't mind either. "It's been a long deal and we have gone all over the country," Derrick Woods Sr. said. "But it was worth it, because you have to look at all those places so you really know what you are getting.

"With Nebraska , it was everything. They have the full package and we know as a family that this is the best place for D.J. to be. I can't tell you how happy we are right now. It's just good to be part of the Husker Nation."

As D.J. said, part of the Husker Nation was pretty happy he joined as well. "When I told coach (Bill) Callahan, he was just jumping up and down yelling ‘yes!', and coach (Ted) Gilmore was just hugging everyone," D.J. said of the Nebraska head coach and wide receiver coach, respectively. "Everyone was just so happy. That was great to be a part of that."

Now it's over. Now the decision is done and now it's on to the future. D.J. said that this is a moment he's looked forward to, even though he's only been to Nebraska twice. But he didn't hesitate when asked if he even knew what a Cornhusker really was.

He simply said "Me."

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