Williams comments on commitment to Nebraska

If there are a couple of things that you have to notice about Josh Williams and Nebraska it's that he is a very nice fit as an open-end. Williams is 6-foot-4 and 220-pounds with 4.6 speed. The style of play at Nebraska is also very similar to what Williams runs at Denton (Texas) Ryan. In the end though, it was a complete fit as he and his family see his college career in red.

Josh Williams is "N". As stated in a previous story, Josh Williams text messaged Big Red Report to say that he was part of the family.

Josh then called when he could to talk about the commitment. The first thing that Williams wanted to talk about was why he chose Nebraska.

"It was everything," Williams said. "It was just great. It was the atmosphere and the coaches. Oh, and the academics."

The academics part is critical to Josh, but also to his mom which reminded him about that important piece of the commitment puzzle while he was being interviewed.

"She really loved it. She just thought it was great. She was very impressed with the Business Department."

Williams made note of the recent upgrades to the facilities related tot he Business Department. "I thought that they were great. I really felt at home with all of it."

The Williams had a chance to see Lincoln a while on Friday night after their arrival. They took the chance to go and check out the city of Lincoln and Williams was again impressed.

"The whole city was really nice. I really loved the town."

Williams knew going into the weekend that he was projected to play the open end position in Nebraska's defense. While in Lincoln, he had a chance to talk to the coaches about how he fits their style.

"Yes, we talked about it. They like me as an OE and I think that I will be a good fit. There style is pretty much what I run now at Denton Ryan."

Williams was set to visit Arkansas the weekend before Nebraska, but due to a death in the family he was unable to make it. After seeing Nebraska, Williams said that his recruiting process is over.

"Yes, I am done. This just feels great."

Big Red Report will be bringing it's subscribers an exclusive video interview with Josh Williams before he returns home to Texas.

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