Demens arrives in Lincoln

The Nebraska Cornhuskers coaching staff is riding a wave of success in terms of commitments after unofficial visits. Most recently, both D.J. Woods and Josh Williams committed following trips. The next to unofficially visit is Kenny Demens. The talented linebacker from Michigan said that he is already in Lincoln.

One of the latest names to trip to Nebraska for an unofficial visit is Kenny Demens. Demens a 6-foot-1 and 225-pound linebacker, from Beverly Hills (Mich.) Country Day, said that he just got to Lincoln.

"I am doing good," Demens said. "We just got to Nebraska about an hour ago. The drive wasn't that bad. I am here with my mom and uncles."

Demens says that tonight's agenda is to just hang out. He is there with some family and they know that tomorrow that they expect that they will be busy.

"Right now we are just hanging out watching a movie. Later on we will head out and get something to eat. That is probably all that we will do tonight."

The day starts pretty bright and early for Demens' and his family. Demens will meet his position coach and the other coaches right off of the bat and assumes that there will be a tour after that.

"Around 9:00 AM tomorrow, we are going to get up and meet with Coach Kevin Cosgrove. We will get up there and meet up with the rest of the coaches, Coach Bill Callahan and the rest of the staff, and go from there."

So far, Demens really likes what he sees about Nebraska. The chance to view things has been pretty limited, but from what he has seen and how things are laid out he does like.

"Everything is looking great. When I first got down here and checked into the hotel we drove by the campus, saw the dorms, some frat houses and everything looked real nice. I like the fact that it's right in the city. That's real nice."

Demens has had some opportunities to talk to some other people that have visited Nebraska like Jonas Gray, Will Compton and Doug Rippy. From those conversations he is most interested in seeing a couple of things first.

"First is the stadium. Another thing is meeting Coach Callahan and the other coaches. They all said that he is a real down to Earth guy. He is just different than the other head coaches in that perspective."

After the visit, Demens is planning on heading back home and Big Red Report will bring you the full update of his visit. "After we visit Nebraska we are going to take off to get back to Michigan. I am not sure when the visit is going to finish up."

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