Did Washington qualify?

The cousin of Fabian Washington, Latravis knew where he wanted to go all along. It was in the blood. It was in the name. The problem was academic, literally. On the field, there isn't a hurdle that Washington couldn't get over, but the hurdle of academics has held him up to this point. Has anything changed with Washington on his qualification status?

It's getting to be about that time when players will definitely find out or know what their academic situation is. Whether they will get a chance to go right to a four year institution, prep school or junior college. Latravis Washington has his answer.

"I'm good to go," Washington said. "I will be there, in Lincoln, on either Wednesday or Saturday. It all depends on if I fly there or drive there."

Washington is obviously excited about the opportunity to enroll with the rest of the 2007 class. At first, he had sided with the idea that a gray shirt was the best idea. What does he think now?

"Oh man, I think that is a big thing to get to come in and watch those linebackers and learn from them; and the safeties too. I just want to learn from them and their experience."

"I know that they are all very talented and good enough athletes that it's a good chance to learn from them. I know that some of them will get drafted by the NFL next year."

"I just want to take the opportunity to learn from them and their experiences. They are all great players. I just want to learn from those guys."

The difference between getting to Lincoln on Wednesday or Sunday seems to reside in the mode of transportation. If Latravis drives, it's Wednesday and if he flies, it's Saturday. He doesn't know which.

What Latravis does know is that come Sunday, he will be with his team in team meetings. That is the important part.

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