Keys to right the Husker Nation

Since what seems like forever ago, everyone from the average fan and the so-called expert has chimed in with their view of what happened, what's wrong and where Nebraska goes from here. We here at HC are not without our own views and one of those comes from one we simply call, "ThreeandOut". Here's his view of what the Husker team needs to find it's way back on it's usually familiar road of winning.

One week following the third Husker loss in six games, a state of urgency has settled upon the Husker Nation.  The Husker faithful have called out the coaches and players, and questioned their ability to get the job done.  I'm not going to BS you, I was embarrassed after the defeat in Happy Valley even more so than Boulder or Pasadena.  When you lose like that in front of not only 111,000 screaming JOEPA backers as well as the grand stage an ABC National Telecast, you want to join the flightless Ostrich and bury your head in the sand or wake up from the nightmare you just witnessed.  Is Husker Power on the down fall?  Is that acceptable?   As you know nine wins usually is not enough to please the Husker Faithful let alone a future with less.  What will it take for the Scarlet and Cream to once again rise to the top?

Keys to Return to Red Dominance:

There are a million and one reasons for the state that Nebraska Football finds itself in, and I am going to touch on a few key reasons in my opinion.

Second Half Dominance - This was the key to many of the big game wins in the Osborne era, and have yet to see it in the Solich Era(maybe, the Fiesta Bowl).  I am sure the conditioning program has not strayed from what it used to be with Boyd behind that wheel.  The killer instinct doesn't seem to be there though.  The Huskers need to find that, and I think only one man can give that to them. Osborne stood stoic, and his confidence spread from him to his players and coaches.  Do these players today have the ability to compete as they once did?  Does Solich PASS that confidence on to his players?  Do these players respect their coaches?  We better find out soon because disrespect for superiors is infectious, and we might be getting to the point of no VACCINE. 

Get back to the basics- As boring as many think the Husker offense is across the nation, the Big Red play book has more formations and sets than any other program in the country, including Spurrier's Redskins.  This can only inhibit growth and consistency with the youth on offense.  I say, get back to old fashioned smash mouth football.  I'm not saying to pull out Coach Boone's play book but back to the basics couldn't hurt.  My coach in eighth grade said four yards ever time is a touchdown.  This can only open up the passing game.  Recent opponents under Solich have shut the Husker ground game down.  Stacking 8 - 9 and 10 guys at the line.  Utilizing the TE and slot receivers on slants and timing routes will work, and for one drive versus PSU it did.  The option should be used like a secret weapon.  Opposing defensive coaches are getting plenty of sleep now-a-days because defenses are so fast and athletic. Unlike the 80s/90s when the option attack was just that, an attack.  "Attacking style" defense is what's keeping teams like Oklahoma in the top 5 without a potent offense.  Which brings me to my next key.

The Skull and Crossbones has lost its scare -  I am not going to agree with how Trev Alberts and Peters ripped into the existing Blackshirts but I will agree with their message.  The Blackshirt Fraternity is something we will never know.  A band of brothers joined by the vision of one man and his dream of dominance on defense.  Coach McBride instilled a sense of confidence and as much as I hate the word "swagger" in his 4-3 defenses of the past.  Cries for the Head of Coach Bohl  come from every corner of the Husker Nation, and rightly so.  The demise of this dominance has come under his supervision.  I trace it back to the OT win in Boulder.  The killer instinct just hasn't been a part of his defenses.  Ask me if I could do better.  I certainly would give it a shot.  I love the 4-3 defense but  I think with today's pro style of offense, we lack the speed at LB to keep up with the speed TE and RBs.  Mixing up the defensive coverage can only help.  Utilize the speed we have.  Lannie would look good along side Ruud and Williams.  Please realize that ISU is expecting to win this weeks game in AMES.  Nebraska fans are expecting a victory as well.  Coach Solich, the blame is no longer Coach Bohls if the Blackshirts fail to shutdown Seneca Wallace.  Colorado, Miami, I can blame the preparation of the defensive coaches.  Penn State, Iowa State that burden/ blame shifts to you.  You are the Head Coach your success depends on those under you.  Use that power and show me that this team is not as soft as they have looked in the past six games.  The "Blackshirts" must get mean nasty thug like mentality back the return to dominance depends on it.

Turning the Pipeline back on - I don't mean going out and recruiting better O lineman because I believe the talent is here.  In my observation the evolution of the Olineman at Nebraska started to change in 1998 and I blame E. Crouch.  It's not a bad thing just that Eric was able to do more with his feet than most in Nebraska history.  I saw it again last week.  In the 90's, OL would make their initial block/pancake and seeked out the next victim on the same play.  Stai would be smashing people 15 yards down field to enable Ahman or Lawrence to break those 25+ yard runs.  I don't see that in today's players.  The initial block is made and to them the play is over.  They have been conditioned by Eric's success getting out of jams with his feet.  Get that pride back, bring back the "Big Uglies" up front to do some damage and this running game with talent we have at I back will once again gain its nasty bite back.

I can honestly say that I invest way to much into Nebraska Football emotionally and physically if you can believe that(unlike you I am sure...).  I work my self into a lather, and at times, have become ill after a close game or a bad loss.  I don't think I stand alone.  I can see that parody is bringing all teams closer in ability and that Nebraska may not dominate college football as they once did, but I expect no less from the Coaches, players and you.  I will forever fly my flag in a foreign state and I will endure my co-workers jabs at something that I have grown up with and expect the dominance to return....And Fast..we are facing the best QB in the Big 12 this week!

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