Two official visits in the books for Jordan

Believe it or not there are some kids at the prep level who are already back in class. Dion Jordan is one of them. But his class schedule hasn't stopped him from working on another schedule, this one having to deal with official visits. And right now Jordan says he has two locked down.

During a season rich with superstar tight ends, Nebraska coaches are probably a little frustrated that they haven't been able to snag a single one.

Out of the top 50 tight ends in the country, the Huskers went after their share, only to watch them commit someplace else:

Andrew Jones is a Missouri Tiger
Spencer Ladner is heading to CAL
Anthony Miller went to CAL too
Joseph Fauria committed to Notre Dame

Etc., so on and so forth

That's some of the top ranked tight ends in the country right there, but standing amidst that group is one TE/WR prospect who still has Nebraska high on his list.

Dion Jordan

Standing 6-6, the height is most definitely there for this Arizona prep star. And while his 215 pounds would tell you that he's obviously a wideout in the future, his frame tells you he could add a bit more.

But a tight end? I am talking a true tight end?

Sometimes it doesn't matter.

And from what Jordan says of those schools recruiting him, it doesn't matter to them either. "Schools are telling me that it might be tight end, it might be wide receiver – just whatever works best for the situation," Dion said. "Nobody has really said one position or the other. It's just kind of figuring out where I fit in the best."

According to Jordan , where he fits in the best will be a team which sports a system which obviously passes the ball at least as much as it runs. It will be a place where it would seem the entire town is centered around the University. Throw in great academic support and coaches he really gets along with and you have just about covered most of what he cares about when it comes to his school of the future.

Oh, and the desire to win doesn't hurt either.

"I definitely want to go to a place where they are set on winning and competing for a national title," Dion said. "I want to go somewhere where everything is about winning it all."

Dion has narrowed his list down to a few of those candidates, which means he's looking at scheduling official visits as well. Thus far he's got two:

"I'm heading to Oregon for an official September 28th, I think, and then I am definitely heading to Nebraska when they play USC," he said.


The reigning dynasty of collegiate football, the Trojans look once again ready to dominate the college landscape, figured to be easily the number one team when the official polls roll out. With Nebraska still trying to find its way back to national prominence, this game is inviting, but it would seem incredibly daunting as well.

Jordan said that people shouldn't be too quick to dismiss the Midwestern big red. "It's not going to be a walk-over, not even close," Jordan said of what some think could be a route of the Huskers by the Trojans. " Nebraska will have something for them and there's no way I see this being any kind of blowout. Nebraska can win that game."

You'd have to think that Dion has been sipping some of the Lincoln , Nebraska kool-aid to make a prediction like that. At the very least, maybe he didn't know the extent of what Nebraska lost in regard to personnel and what USC was bringing back.

Jordan doesn't consider himself a fan of any school, at least right now, but there's a certain amount of affection pointed toward Lincoln , via safety coach Bill Busch.

"He's just a really cool guy, someone that is down to earth and easy to talk to," Dion said of the fourth year defensive back coach for the Huskers. " Nebraska is tradition and their fans don't accept anything other than winning. Everything is about winning there."

Jordan felt some of the same rapport with Oregon coaches too. "They have really good coaches who I get along with really well," he said. "I got to see one of their games and I love everything about what they do on offense."

So, it's not surprising why those are his two official visits which he has set in stone, but Dion said he's planning to set a few more. "I plan on visiting CAL , Michigan and Colorado ," he said "I'm not sure when. I have to get all that figured out."

That would make five, the seemingly magical number of favorites as it's the limit on how many official visits they can take. And it's conveniently a great way to say that he's got a list and until his official visits are done, there's no sense in trying to narrow it down.

"I'm going to take my official visits, and I'll commit either after all of them are done or after I find someplace where I feel it's the place I want to be," Jordan said. "I don't know. Until I take those visits it's hard to know how any of that is going to go."

That may be unpredictable and the waiting-game may be a bit frustrating at times, but pretty soon Jordan will have that familiar sound echo in his ears once again. It will be the pads colliding, helmets crashing and for Jordan himself, it will be him knowing that throughout this entire season, he'll be seeing double.

"The last time I got one-on-one coverage, It was like the second game of the season last year," Jordan said. "Usually it's a cornerback and a safety or a lot of times, it's a linebacker trying to knock me off my route and a safety covering me over the top.

"That's what happened the rest of the year after that game."

In that game Jordan had a reported 9 catches for 180 yards and a touchdown.

Any questions?

While most kids would like to just commit right now and enjoy their senior season for what it is, Jordan has opted to take what has become almost a rare route in sticking it out and taking as many official visits as he feels are necessary.

It's the process where he wants to get to all of these places he's only heard about or seen on TV. He can't wait, both for the visits and some of the games he'll get to see. He'd also like to get this very important decision out of the way.

"I'd love to know right now where I should go, but that's not happening," he said. "It will be exciting to take these visits and see everything I want to see. It's going to be a hard choice in the end, because I have a lot of great choices and you can only choose one. But I will make the right choice. That's what these trips are for."

Dion is the #6 ranked TE by As a junior Jordan had 54 catches for 804 yards and 13 TDs

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