Parish talks about the commitment

The latest piece of the puzzle for Nebraska has been a key part of the search this year for Nebraska. The Huskers are looking to increase their physical style of play and athleticism across the defensive line. Nebraska already nabbed athletic defensive ends in Eric Harper and Josh Williams, but you can add another name next to them on the 2007-08 list.

The anchor in the middle is important. Darius Parish is going to be that man for Nebraska. The 6-foot-3 and 325-pound defensive tackle from Wichita (Kans.) North pledged his commitment to Nebraska today.

"Yes," Parish said. "I committed to Nebraska. I am going out of town for a couple of days and school is about to start. I didn't want this to stress me out."

The verbal is sometimes something to get out of the way to concentrate on more important things. It seems that might have been somewhat of the case for Parish.

"I just wanted to get my verbal commitment over. I just wanted to commit. I needed to get this out of the way. It's a great place and Kansas is a great place."

Parish went out and spoke to wise council about all of this. He wanted to know what the difference really was between Kansas and Nebraska. More answers led him to believe that Nebraska had an advantage.

"I just went to all of my mentors and all of my counselors and talked to them about it. They told me that Nebraska is a better opportunity, in a way, so I decided to give them my verbal, today."

Another reason Nebraska gained Parish's commitment was because of his recruiting coach. There was constant communication between the two and what the recruiting coach was saying to Parish made sense.

"Coach Ted Gilmore definitely helped me out. We talked a lot and texted a lot, during the period, and he wanted to get me up there to experience the opportunities. That was good."

The unofficial visit for Parish to Nebraska led him to believe that there is more in Lincoln then just a football field. "I liked their education system. It's not just sports there. It's about education too and I definitely noticed that."

Parish has heard a lot about the tradition of Nebraska and the Blackshirts from people. He thinks that the tradition and defensive scheme play into his strengths.

"Yes, I do. Over the years I have heard about how their defense has played and how solid they are. Coming from my background that really plays into my strength."

Very recently, one of the Nebraska commitments started to communicate with Parish. Conveniently, it was another future defensive lineman that will be playing alongside Parish for years to come.

"Josh Williams, the defensive end from Texas, texted me last night. He told me some things about Nebraska and what it had to offer. It makes you feel good to know that you have teammates like that."

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