Demens returns from UM

Going into the visit to Lincoln, Michigan State was the clear leader for Kenny Demens. After Lincoln, the Huskers had vaulted to the top. An offer from Michigan earned them an unofficial visit and that visit has close the gap at the top of Demens' list. Who leads for Demens now and what's next for this Michigan linebacker?

At 6-foot-1 and 225 pounds, Kenny Demens is an explosive linebacker with 4.6 speed. The standout from Beverly Hills (Mich.) Country Day HS recently took a trip to Ann Arbor the same day as teammate Jonas Gray's commitment announcement.

"I went to Michigan yesterday," Demens said. "I wanted to be there for Jonas' announcement really bad, but I had already scheduled this trip. It's OK though."

While Demens did miss the announcement, he had an excellent trip to Michigan. The trip was worthwhile because it totally changed his opinion on a few things and he realized that he was comfortable there in Ann Arbor.

"The trip was amazing. I just got the total opposite impression on the trip that I had before from talking to the coaches. The whole atmosphere of the program was amazing. My comfort level was really high."

One of the things that Demens claims to have been mislead on before seeing with was Coach Lloyd Carr. There is sometimes an opinion of head coaches not being personable and Demens was able to understand things better in person.

"Mainly it was the coach. I had an impression of Coach Carr a little bit before from talking to him, but he was very down to Earth and a real wise guy. He gave me advice. The words that he spoke were very powerful."

Demens' list is currently set to a top five. Three of the schools he has seen already this summer with unofficial visits. The other two, Demens will see on official visits. He hasn't set any official visit dates yet.

"I would say Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, West Virginia and Iowa are really my top five. I haven't taken unofficial visits to West Virginia and Iowa."

"I am done with unofficial visits. I will not take unofficial visits to see West Virginia and Iowa. I will see those two schools as official visits. I haven't set up official visit dates to those two schools yet."

One way to understand how well Demens liked his trips is to rate them. Demens went through Michigan State, Nebraska and Michigan to assign them a rating of one to ten.

"I would rate my visit to Michigan State at about an '8'. I would rate my visit to Nebraska as a '9.9'. I would give Michigan a '9.9' too."

One part of the equation that doesn't weigh into the visit ratings is where Jonas Gray is planning on playing college football. Gray recently announced that his plans are to be a Husker. How big is that on Demens?

"It really is. Where he is going to go is going to have a huge impact, but I need to go to a place that is right for me. I need to go where I have the best chance to go to the next level. I am going to take that into consideration."

The timeframe for commitment could be a long ways off or right around the corner. It's obvious that Demens feels comfortable with some teams on his list. The decision could become clear tomorrow or he might not be ready to commit until after the season.

"I was thinking late before, even before the Nebraska and Michigan visit, like around October or November. If something happens earlier than that, I wouldn't be surprised."

The Nebraska official visit date will apparently be moved back on the calendar according to Demens. It's a night game in Lincoln that doesn't allow a lot of personal time between the coaches and the recruits. Demens is looking at a conference game now in Lincoln.

"I kind of have things narrowed down to a shorter list of schools that I feel comfortable with. I don't have any official visits set up. I can get to Michigan and Michigan State basically whenever I want."

"I wanted to get to Nebraska for the USC game in September, but the coaches would rather have me come in for a different game to spend some more time with me. I was looking at the Oklahoma State game weekend."

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