Huskers in the hunt for Byrd

It's been a while since Nebraska has had a run of recruits from Louisiana. Last year, Nebraska got one, Terrence Moore, and this year Nebraska has another committed in Eric Harper who will be enrolling at semester. Nebraska has their sights set on a big, athletic wide receiver from Louisiana who says he wants to take a visit to Nebraska.

At 6-foot-3 and 210-pounds, LaRon Byrd is a handful at the receiver position for defenses. That standout from Boutte (La.) Hahnville has 4.4 speed to go with that frame. He and his team just returned from team, summer camp.

"We just came back from camp," Byrd said. "We just got back on the third, or on Friday. We go to Camp Livingwater in Robinson, La. It's a church or a mission-thing."

"We go down there for four days, three practices a day. It was good to get back out on the field. Everything went really well for me and the team at camp. We start practices on Monday."

Byrd and his coaches really sat down last year to think about what his goals should be this summer to go along with what he needed to work on. It really focused on a few, key areas.

"Me and my coaches were talking about it, last year, I lost a lot of motivation after I got sick. This year we decided to dedicate myself to getting better footwork, getting stronger and working on my speed."

Byrd can do a little bit of everything. He has the size that you covet in a receiver, but he also has the speed to stretch the field. More than that, he is such a threat that he just opens the field up when teams decide to double-team him.

"I think that I am a versatile weapon. I think that I can go deep. I think that I can catch the ball and turn it up for a lot of yards. I also draw double-teams and it opens up other things for other people to shine."

Byrd says that he isn't really sure what his stats were for last year. Roughly, they are between 30-40 catches for around 400 to 500 yards. That is what all of the websites generally have him between.

"No, not really. Some websites have 30 catches for 400 yards and others have 35 for 500 yards. I am just not really sure which on it is. I am not sure which one is accurate."

Byrd also played some safety for Hahnville, but it wasn't a full-time thing. Against the top teams, Byrd was called on to come in and lock down the opposing teams top receivers.

"In big games, like Destrehan and East St. Johns, in passing situations my coaches would put me in on passing situations against their top receiver. I didn't play defense all year round."

Like his stats, Byrd isn't exactly sure how many offers he is up to. It's definitely over 10 with the majority of the schools coming from the SEC. There are also some Big 10 and Big 12 teams sprinkled in there too.

"I have a lot. It's up in the double-digits. I have offers from Florida State, Florida, West Virginia, Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Michigan State, Tennessee, Auburn, Tulane, most of the SEC and Nebraska."

Byrd would have had a clear favorite now, but things didn't go as he wished between him and that school. Since then, he has opened things up completely putting forward the things that he and his mom value the most in a school.

"Well, it started out that my favorite was LSU. They never really communicated with me a lot and I took it that they weren't too interested in me. I am not going to put my commitment on the line with a school that isn't interested in me."

"It's wide open. My mom and I have been talking a lot about what to look for in a school. Mostly it's going to be academics. I would like to major in Business Management. Distance isn't a big thing for me. It's wherever I feel comfortable."

Nebraska is one of the schools that Byrd is keeping an eye on. They have good credentials according to Byrd. "The Cornhuskers, that's a good school. It's a big school. They pass the ball a lot. They have also won a couple of championships."

Nebraska is going to have to wait to see if Byrd ends up taking an official visit to Lincoln until his senior year is over. He is going to try and eliminate any distractions that might come up by planning all of his official visits for later in the year.

"I am going to concentrate on my season first and take all of my official visits after my season. I want to postpone any decisions until after my season. I would like to catch a Nebraska game, when they get a little closer, and just head over to watch it."

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