Big visitors coming to town?

There are still a couple of spots along the defensive line in the 2008 class that need to be addressed for Nebraska. It would appear though that junior college players might fit the bill very nicely. Nebraska was expecting an unofficial visit from Simi Kuli either this week or next week, but is it possible that Justin Thompson was coming too?

It was reported earlier that Simi Kuli, a five star defensive lineman from Torrance (Calif.) El Camino C.C. was going to visit Nebraska unofficially in August. Coach Tim Hyde from El Camino said that the plans are off for an unofficial visit this summer.

"Simi is actually not coming out," Coach Hyde from El Camino College said. "We actually start our practices this Friday. He's not going be making an unofficial visit to Nebraska, at all, this summer."

It was thought that just Simi was supposed to visit Nebraska this summer. That was until Coach Hyde included another standout defensive lineman with Kuli who was also supposed to visit.

"The same goes for Justin Thompson who was planning on visiting Nebraska this summer too, with Simi."

While both Kuli and Thompson won't be able to visit Nebraska this summer, they do have a visit set to Nebraska. It seems that both will officially visit Nebraska, together, later this fall.

"They are both planning on coming out to Nebraska for an official visit on October 20 to see the Texas A&M game. That is when they are planning on taking their official visits out there."

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