Bushell sets up first official

One of the top players in the state of Texas is Adrian Bushell. You say player, because at DeSoto (Texas) this year, he will be found on the field at a variety of different positions. Bottom line, he's good at all of them and has offers to play all of them in college that he plays in high school. More than 20 schools have tendered offers, so far.

At 5-foot-11 and 180-pounds, Adrian Bushell is a very exciting athlete for fans and colleges alike to keep an eye on this fall. Bushell has been working to get in shape and prepare for the hotter summer season that he has been used to.

"It's been going good," Bushell said. "I have been conditioning. Doing mostly cardio stuff. I have to prepare for the season here."

"I was really wanting to work on my cardio because of the change of climate. Here, it's going to get warmer and be almost always at least in the high 90s. It's hot in Florida, but it gets real hot here."

Bushell made the move from Florida to Texas this year. His family was moving, so he was making the move with his family. "I was just moving with my mom. She was coming to Texas and I was coming with her. I just took it."

Bushell starred as a running back last year in Florida, but this year he will play a few positions. Mostly because Cyrus Gray, one of the best running backs in the nation, is already at DeSoto (Texas).

"I am going to be playing running back, wide receiver and cornerback. I like to play running back the most. I'll do what they ask me to."

While Gray is already there at running back, moving Bushell around isn't a bad thing because he has that ability. That ability has gotten him offers on both sides of the football by a number of schools.

"Most of them like me as a cornerback and the rest of them like me as a running back/receiver. I have some options about which position I want to play."

"I am up to about 22 offers right now. I have like a top five or six. I would say Florida, Cal, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Nebraska are up there."

So far, Bushell has only set up one official visit. In the early weeks of September he will be headed north for a classic showdown.

"I have one official visit set up. I am going up there on September 14 for the USC game. I am looking forward to seeing them play against USC."

Bushell said that the coach from Nebraska is doing a good job on his recruitment. Bushell also mentioned that his abilities fit the style of defense that Nebraska wants to run.

"Coach Ted Gilmore is recruiting for Nebraska and they like me as a cornerback. He said they run a lot of man and a lot of cover three."

"I think that I do the best in man to man. I like to get out there on a guy and bump and run. That is what I can do, I can take a player out of the play."

Bushell wasn't totally sure what his exact stats were last year at Miami (Flor.) Pace. "I had 1,500 all-purpose yards, about 1,100 yards rushing, at the running back position. I was all-county as a running back last year."

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