Nebraska hosts Meredith this weekend

There are still a couple of spots left across the defensive line that Nebraska is trying to fill. There seems to be a defensive tackle and a base end spot still open. This weekend, Nebraska hosted one of their top base end targets and were very close to receiving his verbal commitment. What's left before he commits?

At 6-foot-4.5 and over 220-pounds, Nebraska was hosting a big player at need position. Cameron Meredith has been up in Lincoln now for the past couple of days. The three-star defensive end from Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei was unwinding a bit.

"I just got done with lunch," Meredith said. "We've had a busy schedule. We're still up in Lincoln right now."

The visit seemed to be wrapping up for Meredith, who was with his family at dinner. Their schedules have been full including practices on both days that they were in Lincoln.

"It's been really good, actually. We've been up here now for two days. Yesterday we went to practice and this morning we went to the scrimmage."

With a couple of practices under their belts, the Meredith's also had some time earlier to see the town. Tonight was about letting it all soak in and a little bit of rest.

"We have already checked out the town and everything. I think that tonight we are just going to hang out and rest. We are leaving tomorrow to go back home."

The trip for Cameron was more than he expected, as it is for most. One of the biggest reasons why is that people that haven't been to Lincoln or Nebraska don't know what to expect and are always pleasantly surprised.

"It was way more than I expected, way more. I kind of expected corn fields and not a lot to do, but I mean it's just a regular town. There's no ocean, but there's a lot to do here."

The aesthetics of Lincoln were nice and there was another big part of Nebraska that really helped Cameron and his parents feel so at home in Lincoln.

"The people from Nebraska were great. It was from the people at the airport, to the gas station, to the restaurant and to the university. They are great everywhere. This whole town is full of stuff to do. That going along with everyone being so nice has been so great."

At the practices, Meredith got a feel for how the team practiced and how the team looked. A couple of other things really stood out to Meredith from how he saw the people involved with the team.

"I thought that the team looked really good and all of the players seem pretty close. All of the coaches also seem to be very close with the players."

The situation at Nebraska seems perfect to Meredith, from the town to the team to the school. He almost left Lincoln as a commitment and part of one of the best recruiting classes going in the nation.

"It would be perfect. I almost committed. I need to go back home and think about some things, but I came very close to committing to Nebraska."

"I still have to think a little bit about this and my decision. Beyond that, I was very close to committing to Nebraska this weekend. I liked everything about Nebraska. There wasn't one thing not to like."

Nebraska has told Meredith where they see him playing along the defensive line. Cameron and his parents were also able to spend a lot of time together with some of the coaches at Nebraska this weekend.

"Nebraska is looking at me to play the base end position. I got a chance to spend some time with Coach Bill Busch, Coach Buddy Wyatt and of course we met Head Coach Bill Callahan. Those are the main ones that we spoke to."

Two of the biggest reason the Huskers have vaulted to the top of Meredith's list were with him in Lincoln this weekend. There is a strong pull from his family for him to be a Husker.

"I came to Lincoln with both of my parents. They are the ones that told me to come here. They love it. They are definitely for me coming here, 100%."

There is going to be a time in the next week or so that Meredith was going to call back the coaches at Nebraska. One of the items on the agenda will be to talk about coming back for an official visit.

"I didn't set up an official visit date to Nebraska yet. Coach Busch told me to get home and call him back later next week and we would talk about a weekend that worked for me to visit."

There isn't a set timeline for anyone to expect Meredith to have a decision by. He does know that he is close, but there are still some things that he needs to think about.

"Oh, not yet. I guess that you would say that I am pretty close (to committing), but I don't know yet. I still need some time to think about it."

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