Back on the field for Williams

If there is a welcome sight on the commitment list, it might be Nebraska's first, true open end recruit in a couple of years. Josh Williams has that motor, speed and pass-rushing ability that Nebraska likes in their open ends. The speedy pass-rusher from Denton (Texas) Ryan headed out onto the practice field today for the first time this season.

The Texas heat is here as the high school football teams get out on the practice field for two-a-days. One of the Nebraska commitments, Josh Williams, was excited about getting onto the field, but is feeling the effects of the heat.

"I'm alright," Williams said. "I'm a little tired. It was great to get back out onto the field. We were just in helmets today."

"It was just a general practice, more about where to line up, because we weren't padded up or anything. There wasn't anything that we really could do."

This summer was about hard work for Williams who wanted to get better as a player. He wanted to improve his one on one game and also work on his physical make-up. After his varsity experience last year, he felt like he needed the most work on the physical side.

"I wanted to work on my pass-rushing skills. I also wanted to put on some weight and really get stronger on the physical aspect of the game."

"Mentally, I think that being at the varsity level I was there last year. I needed some work on the physical side of my game."

Williams thinks that his hard work is about to pay off. He got a lot of assistance from his coaches and input from some other coaches about how to improve his game. He's excited to take the additional strength, size and skills out on the field this fall.

"I think I improved on pretty much everything. It was all out work every day. I think that everything that I wanted to get better on, I did, with the help of my coaches."

"My coaches were really helping me out on improving my game. Also, I spoke to Coach Buddy Wyatt about things and he told me where I could improve."

"It's kind of the same things that my high school coaches were telling me. Coming from that level it made more sense, especially when he broke it down to me, and I took it to my high school coach about how to improve."

"Honestly, I am really excited about getting back out there to see how I can do. I am anxious to get back out there and see how it will all play out against Colleyville."

Williams has been a Nebraska commitment now for about three weeks. Since that time though, things have just picked up for teams that were interested in Williams all along. No one has backed off it seems.

"I am still getting a ton of mail. Since I have committed, I think that the mail has picked up with Arkansas and Oklahoma State. I am getting all kinds of stuff from them."

The time that the college coaches can call high school recruits is rapidly approaching. Williams has already given some thought to how he is going to handle the calls as they come in.

"I am just going to let them know that I am fully committed to Nebraska and that is where I want to go and play. There's really not much that can be said that could make me want to change my commitment. That's where I want to be."

There is another form of communication that has come with committing to Nebraska and that has been the interaction with current Nebraska commitments. Josh says that he has been in touch with a lot of them. There is a family building already.

"Since committing I have been in touch with Bryce Givens, Will Compton, Blaine Gabbert, Jonas Gray, D.J. Woods and Darius Parrish. It's like a family feeling, really."

"I know that no matter what that they would be there for me as I would be there for them. It's like all of the sudden a group of guys started talking and bonded so quickly. It's like it was meant to happen."

Josh hasn't had a lot of opportunity to work players that haven't committed to Nebraska yet, but there has been a couple. One has since committed and there is another that has recently named Nebraska as part of his final two teams. Williams gave his prediction with that player.

"I actually spoke to Darius before he committed to Nebraska. I also spoke to Will before he committed. I have spoke to Kenny Demens who hasn't committed. I really don't know of any others or know how to reach anyone that they really want that aren't committed."

"I guess that Kenny isn't committed. I think that Kenny is going to join us in this class. That is just my feeling."

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