Huskers still look good to Edwards

One cornerback that drew rave reviews about the way that he played man to man coverage and the Texas State, 7-on-7 tournament is Kip Edwards from Arlington (Texas) Bowie. A physical corner that likes to get up on his man and take him off of his route as much as possible is holding double-digit offers as well as one from Nebraska.

One of the best man to man cornerbacks in the state of Texas is Kip Edwards. The 6-foot-1 and 172-pound corner from Arlington (Texas) Bowie is a little worn out from the Texas heat and the start of fall camp.

"Fall camp opened up yesterday," Edwards said. "It's hot here. It's easy, but hot."

There were a couple of specific things that Edwards wanted to work on this summer. He says that his work has paid off so far, but there is at least one thing that he wished he spent more time on this summer.

"I was really working on my press game and my quickness on my breaks. I would say on a scale on 1-10, I would give myself an "8" on achieving my goals."

"I would have done some things differently. I would have done some more back-peddling drills. I did the ladder everyday, but I should have done some more back-peddling drills."

Since August 1, college coaches haven't been able to text players, but email is still OK to communicate with players. Edwards has been staying in touch with all of the coaches recruiting him over email.

"Recruiting is going great. I am still getting a ton of emails from everyone that is recruiting me. I am emailing them back, we are staying in contact, it's been going great."

Edwards is up to a double-digit offer total, but hasn't given much thought to a list of favorites. "I am up to 13 or 14 offers, I am not sure. I haven't thought about my favorites. To me, the door is still wide open."

Edwards says that there are some schools that he might like to take official visits to. "I would like to potentially take official visits to Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri and maybe Kansas."

When Edwards makes his decision, he will be looking for the whole package. The program might not need to be a winning program now, but he wants it on the right course to challenge for a national title.

"Really what I am looking for the best education. I am also looking to get into a team atmosphere that is wanting to that national championship game."

While Edwards could name off five teams that he would like to officially visit now, he maintains that the door is still open and that there are a couple of schools that might sneak in for a visit.

"I am still wide open. There are still teams like Nebraska and Louisville that I could potentially take an official visit to. I would most definitely take an official visit to Nebraska."

The Nebraska offer is intriguing to Edwards. He has taken the time to look up Nebraska on the Internet to see what they are about. He has liked what he has found out so far.

"Nebraska is a great school and they have a great coaching staff. The head coach at Nebraska has been to the Super Bowl with the Oakland Raiders a few years back."

"They have produced some great defensive backs over the years. I have done my homework a little bit on Nebraska and so far I love the program and I love the atmosphere."

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