Huskers look good to Johnson

There is still a need for at least one more cornerback in this year's class for Nebraska. The Huskers are sitting in a very good position with a few, but none might be as good as with this athlete from Largo (Flor.). Plying exclusively at quarterback last year, he projects to play cornerback in college.

It's hot just about everywhere, but Leonard Johnson and his Largo (Flor.) team were really feeling the effects yesterday by a 110 heat index day. The 5-foot-11 and 180-pound Johnson is excited to be back on the field.

"We are practicing already," Johnson said. "It was 105 here today. It feels pretty good to just get back out on the field."

One of the reasons Johnson is so excited to be back on the field is the potential for this year's team. Last year, Largo missed state by two games. This year, they return nearly their entire team.

"I have never come into a season as confident about playing as I have this year. That comes from me knowing that we only lose five people from last year's team. We are going to be strong this year."

Johnson stars as the quarterback for Largo. Last year he threw for almost 1,000 yards and ran for about another 750. There was a lot of work this summer on passing and he was doing some work on his defensive skills as well.

"I was just working on timing with my receivers from the quarterback position on offense. On defense, I was working on knowing when to turn my hips and run as well as break on the ball."

As a 5-foot-11 high school quarterback, Johnson projects to play another position in college. He says that there are some good reasons to project him into the defensive secondary.

"Everyone is looking at me to play cornerback in college. I think that my aggressiveness is what helps me on the defensive side of the ball as well as being able to locate the ball and go get it."

Johnson has a nice offer total with offers from all over the country. He has a list of five as his favorites and says that he is looking at two things when it comes to picking out a school.

"I have 12 offers. I have one from Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Iowa State, Memphis, West Virginia, South Florida, Troy, Purdue, Illinois, Indiana and one more."

"My top five are Nebraska, Iowa State, West Virginia, Oklahoma State and Troy. I am looking at academics first and being able to get on the field and play second."

Johnson doesn't have any official visits set quite yet, but there is little doubt that he would like to take one in September to Nebraska. He has heard a lot about Nebraska from one of the coaches on the Largo staff.

"I am trying to get to the USC/Nebraska game on September 14 in Lincoln. My coach is a big Nebraska fan, he's my position coach, and I know that they're fans are crazy. I want to get a feel for how comfortable I am on the campus and around the coaches and the players."

It's no coincidence that Johnson mentioned Nebraska first on both the offer and the favorites list. He admits that the Nebraska offer and opportunity are really standing out to him right now.

"Yes, you could say something like that. I know a lot about their history. Right now, they are in the top five schools for the most defensive backs in the league. They are a powerhouse and I know that they need speed on the defensive side of the ball."

Another one of the reasons why Nebraska is standing out is because of the recruiting coach. Johnson's recruiting coach would also be his position coach in Lincoln and they have had good talks about how he fits in.

"Coach Phil Elmassian is recruiting me from Nebraska. He's a great guy and he would be my position coach in Lincoln. That makes it very convenient for me through the recruiting process."

"He told me that I could come in and have a chance to compete with the best players at Nebraska and play against the best players. It was mostly about being able to come in and compete."

Johnson is now eyeing a visit to Iowa State on September 7 so he could potentially pull the trigger on a visit to Nebraska the week after or at least have a good comparison between Ames and Lincoln. He wants to take advantage of these unique opportunities when it comes to a couple of his visits.

"I want to say after I take at least two to three visits. Right now, I would say that I know where I want to go, but I want to play the recruiting game a little bit. I just want to have a little more fun before it's over with. It only comes once."

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