Marcus Woods, doing it all

When looking for the ideal player, you can find yourself looking at not any one thing that this player does, but what things. Their contributions, their attitude and their willingness to help the team no matter what it is. Marcus finds himself squarely in that mold as he is not just a runing back, receiver and returner, he is also a defensive end. Yeah, a defensive end. Not many 5-8 Des out there, but when it comes to the team, Woods is willing to do what it takes for wins.

Marcus Woods Profile

Marcus Woods - RB - 5-8, 180, 4.4/40 - Farmington Hills, MI. (Harrison) - Through 5 games, Woods has accumulated stats in just about every category there is. A little over 700 yards rushing, over 300 yards receiving and as a returner, he's only gotten the chance to return one, because as Woods states, "they won't kick to me." And Marcus has a sack. Not as a safety as you might think, a cornerback as you could assume or even a linebacker, but at defensive end. In this scheme, quickness from the outside on the blitz is the key, so Marcus fits that mold and as he says, it's not new to him at all. "They had me doing this all last year, so I am used to it. They like to use me on blitzes."

Whatever works and it certainly seems to as Woods' team is 4-1 right now.

It seems like eons since we last talked, but it might as well have been a minute. That's how much has changed. That is to say, nothing. Michigan State and Nebraska are still the clear leaders in Woods' mind, it's just a matter of those all-important official visits. It's that time that Marcus says will mean the most, because he will get to go down his list of criteria for his school at the next level. Let's look at a couple.

Atmosphere: "I want to go to a place where I have a good relationship with the coaches and players."

Things to do: "I don't want to go to a boring place, but I also don't want to go to a place where there's too much going on around me, because I want to keep my focus on why I am there."

It's not easy for anyone even when it comes down to just two teams. Not for Woods especially. Between the Spartans and the Huskers, (at this time) Marcus simply doesn't see huge positives for one that the other doesn't have. "It's real tough to find something that I like about one more than the other and what I don't like about the other one." Wood stated.

It's a simple matter of stating that when the officials are done, you can expect a decision soon after. And, at this point, it looks like there are two officials Woods plans to take. Nebraska or Michigan State, that is the question. We'll just have to wait a little while more for the answer.

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