Moore has three official visits set

Nebraska is looking to bring in a good sized receiver this year to try and replace Maurice Purify. Purify became that big play receiver that Nebraska has so desperately needed and helped provide credibility to the passing game and the offense at Nebraska. The Huskers have their eyes on another California, junior college wide receiver for this season.

At Roseville (CA) Sierra C.C., Carl Moore and his teammates get ready for another season. They are finally practicing again, albeit not full go, but Moore is getting an opportunity to condition a little more.

"I just got out of practice," Moore said. "We are going meetings earlier in the day and then we go outside for practice."

"It's exciting. It's difficult to not feel some emotion right now because we aren't going that hard at it. I try to put in additional effort into conditioning right now."

Moore is a big receiver who commonly gets put into that category of "throw it up and get it" kind of wide receiver, and for good reason. Moore wants to diversify his game.

"I wanted to really improve on my explosiveness and my lateral quickness. It's a little hard at 6-foot-4 to get a good explosion off of the ball off the line."

"The short little guys have that ability to be a little more explosive. That's why I worked on it, I wanted to become the whole package at wide receiver."

With that work on the "little things" under Moore's belt this summer, it's not easy to say what his biggest strengths are. Moore says he has previously used his size, but wants to be a more technical wide receiver.

"It's a little difficult to say because this year I took such a different approach to the game. In years passed, I have taken advantage of my size."

"Previously, when it came to running routes, I wouldn't worry too much about the route itself. I would just tell coach to throw me the jump ball."

"Now that I have been working on my quickness and stuff, I have been doing more one yard hitches and screens. I want to add precise routes to my game."

Recruiting is still crazy for Moore despite no more text messaging. He gets his weekly calls and now has to answer emails. If Moore had his way, he would still be texting because it was more convenient than email.

"The text messaging got cut off and things got a lot less stressful, but I am still getting phone calls. Coaches are getting in their one phone call a week and I am getting emails now instead of text messages."

"Honestly, I didn't think that text messaging was a big problem. At least you were able to ask direct questions and get quick answers, while with email it takes a while more to respond and get to a computer to check it."

"I would just be sitting there in school, think of a question and then I would test it to the coach. I could get my answer in the next minute or so. It was convenient."

Most of the schools have known about Moore for such a long time, but still offers are coming in hand over fist. His coach is kind of managing that right now telling him which offers are coming in.

"I don't even know, but my coach tells me that the offers are coming in still. He tells me that a lot of the big schools got their offer out the way early and not it's a lot of the little schools."

Moore says that the first consideration he is going to have to make when choosing a school is playing time. He doesn't want to get there and sit. He says that academics, in his mind, are all pretty relative.

"First and foremost, coming out of JUCO, I have to look at playing time. I don't have the time to really be sitting on the sideline too long. I also want to look at the strength coach and my position coach."

"I think that the academics are all about the same. I think that they all have their strengths and very similar credentials."

While Moore says that the list of offers, that he knows about, are too many to mention he is sitting on a soft, top five. The reason that it's soft is because Moore says that talking to these coaches has him getting more and more excited about their schools.

"I'd say probably Florida, California, USC, LSU and Arizona are pretty much my top five right now. The list will go on and on. As I talk to coaches and hear what I want to hear, you get more excited about every program."

Moore attended high school at Sacramento (Calif.) Cordova. He was a non-qualifier after receiving a low grade in a class. He is such a commodity now because he will be able to get to a four-year school at semester.

"I didn't qualify out of high school. I got a D in my chemistry class and ended up not qualifying. I will be able to transfer in December and have three for two."

One school that has offered Moore that isn't in his top five is Nebraska. One of the biggest reasons for this, to Moore, is because the lack of early interest.

"The reason why Nebraska isn't up there yet is because they jumped into the recruiting process a little late. Most of the other schools were on my in January and February and through the spring and summer."

"As for Nebraska, I think that they came up to the school once and I met with the coach. I just spoke to him again a couple of weeks ago."

Moore admits that Nebraska could easily move up his list and slide into his top five. Moore was considering Nebraska out of high school so it's re-kindling some old feelings for the Huskers.

"I always have Nebraska in my head because they recruited me out of high school. They were really on me then and I was really considering them before I didn't qualify."

"I know that they told me that they are losing quite a few wide receivers, like their X with Maurice Purify. I know that they are pretty good on recruiting JUCOs and playing them."

Getting an official visit from Moore would be a good indicator that Nebraska is being seriously considered by Moore. Nebraska had better move quick as Moore only has two, unscheduled official visits left to take.

"I have three official visits set and two more that I don't know where I will take them to yet. I have Florida when they play Florida State, LSU when they play Florida and Arizona when they play Oregon."

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