How close is Meredith?

Last week, Nebraska was close to getting his commitment, but how close is Cameron Meredith to pulling the trigger on his commitment? In the past there has been a change at the top on his leader board of favorites. Is there any second thoughts about the visit to Nebraska now since returning home from his unofficial visit trip to Lincoln?

At 6-foot-4.5 and 220+-pounds, Cameron Meredith is a pass-rushing demon for Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei High School. Coming off an unofficial from Nebraska, Meredith is staring the start of fall camp right in the face.

"I was just resting," Meredith said. "Tomorrow (Monday) is our first day of fall camp. We have been out for three weeks now. I am looking forward to it."

While fall camp started today, Meredith is looking forward to the season. Being a top performer on the field for a nationally recognized program like Mater Dei can do that to you. Meredith thinks about the people that help him be that top performer and that support him on the field.

"Just going to our games and doing my best for my friends, my teammates, my school and my coaches. I just like the feeling of making plays for my friends, coaches and all that."

"It's where all the hard work pays off for me. I am looking forward to all of the traditions at Mater Dei. Like, going back to the chapel and to pray before the games. I want to help the school out."

Few who follow recruiting would say that they haven't heard of Mater Dei before. Nationally, it's one of the top programs. This year, Mater Dei will be on national television for one of their games.

"Yes, definitely. We will have the game against Shervite that will be on television. I don't know about any of the other ones, but I am sure that Shervite will be on national television."

Two weeks ago, Meredith and his family were in Lincoln. While in Lincoln, Meredith said that he came very close to pulling the trigger on a commitment. Since that time, nothing has really changed and he is still sorting through everything.

"Nothing much has changed since I left Nebraska. I really enjoyed the trip there, and all of the people there, but I need to sit down and think about some things still."

"I am getting some questions answered by some of the programs. We are still going over some things together, as a family, and we are really going through it."

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