Anthony set to see Nebraska

Nebraska landed five prep players from the state of Arizona last year. This year Nebraska is hoping to repeat some of that success with Marc Anthony. Anthony, a three-star rated cornerback and the #32 rated cornerback nationally, is very interested in the Huskers and will actually be in Lincoln for an official visit early in the season.

The fall camps have opened up and Marc Anthony and his team from Chandler (Az.) are braving 105-degree heat and 110+ heat indexes. Spirits are still high as football season is finally back.

"Oh yeah, I'm excited to get started again," Anthony said. "We have been practicing for a while now. We just got done tonight and I am heading out with some of the guys."

Anthony is a physically imposing cornerback. At 6-foot-0 and 185-pounds, Anthony can bump and run with the best. But, there was an area of his game he was interested in brushing up on.

"I have been staying in shape and getting prepared mentally and physically for this year. I needed to prepare more mentally than physically."

"I was just working out and learned from the mistakes that I made last year, try to learn from them, and get mentally tough for the upcoming season."

Without being able to get responses to his text messages, Anthony keeps up the communication with the coaches through email. It's a little ironic how he continues to communicate considering the text ban.

"Right now I get a lot of email. I talk to most of the coaches through email. I can do all of my email stuff over my phone, so it's no big deal."

The Huskers will receive an official visit from Anthony and the Wolverines will get one the following week. There are some plans in the work to get one set up for September 7, but it hasn't been finalized.

"I have two official visits set up. I am going to Nebraska on September 14th for the USC game and September 21st for the Penn State game at Michigan."

"I think I will take an official before that. We are working to try and get that one set up for an official to Cal in September. It's not confirmed yet, though."

Anthony has made some unofficial trips this summer and knows what he is looking for on his official visits. He wants to know how things are when he might not getting as much individual attention.

"How the coaching staff runs their program. I also wanted to get an idea of how they treated me when they weren't going to be pampering me on my official visits."

"I also want to see what the school was like and to see if it fit me. That the school and the team was really a fit between me and the coaching staff."

Anthony says that he is interested to see Lincoln. There is also a need to see what the depth chart is like at his position and how they might use him if he went to Nebraska.

"I want to see how I would fit in there in Lincoln with the coaches and the team. I also want to find out what their needs are for a defensive back."

"I also want to see if I can feel comfortable there. I don't want to go somewhere for four years and not play. I just want to see if it fits me."

One of the things that might help Nebraska with the comfort level that Anthony might feel could come from a few of the current players on the team. Nebraska grabbed five prep players from the Grand Canyon State last year.

"I don't know them personally. I do know of them. They are all very talented athletes coming out of Arizona last year."

Another reason why Anthony might be comfortable on his visit is because one of the current Nebraska commitments and he have spoken before in the past. It just so happens that commit will be in town the same weekend as Anthony on an unofficial visit.

"Just one of them. It was me and Will Compton that have spoken before. He was telling me that it's so great up there at Lincoln."

"He was telling me that things are so good in Lincoln, and that I will it so much, that I will probably want to commit on my visit."

"I am just looking forward to taking that trip to Nebraska and getting a chance to meet Will Compton personally when I go."

Anthony was named second team all-region after his junior season. He finished his junior season with 58 tackles and five interceptions (one returned for a touchdown).

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