Hilburn looking forward to season

Once a four year school dips into a junior college school, a bit of a bond or relationship is formed. Two years ago, Nebraska went and got Maurice Purify from San Francisco (Calif.) City College of San Francisco. Last year his quarterback, Zac Lee, went to Nebraska. This year, the Huskers once again went to C.C.S.F. and nabbed an offensive weapon.

Adrian Hilburn, a 6-foot-2 and 195-pound wide out from San Francisco (Calif.) City College of San Francisco, had a busy summer. There was team football practice, his own football practice and, oh yeah, school to take care of.

"The summer was busy," Hilburn said. "I have been training and took summer classes all summer. I took like three classes and had football about everyday."

Hilburn was really interested in working on one area of his game, but he was also interested in working out timing with the new quarterback. There will be a new quarterback again at C.C.S.F. and Hilburn was interested in developing some chemistry this summer.

"I was really working on my speed and also working out with the new quarterback. I work out with the quarterback the most, on my own, outside of football practice."

"We have a new quarterback this year, I mean Zac Lee went to Nebraska, we have actually had three different quarterbacks the last three years here at San Francisco."

The goal for Hilburn this year is to better his 27 receptions, 366 yards and six touchdowns from last year. As a team, he thinks that a year on a young team will help them take it to the next level.

"I just want to be a lot better this year than what I was last year. I know that our team can be a lot better this year because we were very young last year."

"This year, we have a lot of sophomores who know the system better than what they did last year. We want to take it to the next level and hopefully we can get there."

As a receiver, Hilburn knows that on the field he is going to do what is asked of him. The good news is that he is able to do it whether it's on the outside or the inside/slot receiver positions.

"I would say that I am aggressive. I am a well-rounded wide receiver. I can play the outside guy, like I did last year, and I am looking at getting some slot time this year. I can do both."

The other thing about Hilburn is his willingness to do special teams. While he is going to be a punt returner this year a C.C.S.F., he is also going to do punt and kick off coverage as well.

"Yeah, I do special teams and returns as well. This year I am doing punt return, punt and kickoff. I am doing a lot of special teams."

Hilburn is excited to get to Nebraska. There is just one semester left for him at C.C.S.F. before he leaves for Lincoln. He is looking to get on the field immediately doing anything that he is asked to do.

"I graduate at mid-term and will be at Nebraska in the spring. I am looking to make an impact at Nebraska as soon as I get there."

"I know that I can do it as a receiver, but I am also looking to make an impact on special teams. I can contribute as both at Nebraska."

At this point, Hilburn doesn't have his official visit set to Nebraska. He and the Nebraska coaches were working out a date that would be good for Hilburn to visit Lincoln.

"I haven't set an official visit to Nebraska up yet. I know that we talked about a bye week during the season or might right after the season."

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